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  1. Helloo :)

    I need some new roleplays and partners to RP with. I will do pretty much anything if I know it and of course mature :D.
    I do any type of pairing, that be maleXmale, FemaleXfemale, MaleXfemale.... I think you get the idea. I don't have any ideas at all that I would like to do but I do like a bit of romance in my plots. I like doing the whole forbidden romance, like teacherXstudent or Taboo where it is family, like step-siblings or cousins, possibly half siblings. I have an interest of doing a slaveXmaster RP as well, I don't honestly mind if that is vampire or something similar to that either :)
  2. I'm interested in an m x f, if I could possibly play female? Maybe something teacher x student?
  3. Yeah I can play male and do a teacherXstudent :), PM me and we can plan it :)
  4. Maybe femalexfemale for the masterxslave
  5. Master x slave? Or family. I've been wanting to do one I just don't want people to think I'm weird lol
  6. We can do family then if you have wanting to do one :)
  7. Yay. Pm or thread?
  8. Mm, maybe we can do MxM pairing? c: if you're up for one, that is.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.