Need New role play Friend >.<

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  1. Mew! Hello thanks for reading my request I am not picky about role plays really but I DO have favorites and only a couple of No Gos.

    My kind of Role Plays: Furry, Vampire, Yuri, Romantic, Fantasy stuff like that.

    No Gos: Westerns, Historical, Yaoi (Only because I do NOT play men), mecha, and Horror are the only ones I will not do. also I don't play with people under my age which is 18.

    I play many unique characters I make up myself. I have furries and half furries, Elves, Fairies, Mixed characters, a couple of humans, some magic users, some sword users, one gunner, vampires, cute characters, Straight, bi, and lesbian characters, one werewolf, pokemon trainers, digimon tamers, Sailor Scouts, Mew Mew girls, and emo characters.

    Comment if you would like to do an RP with me or just PM me. Read my Resume if you need to know anything more.
  2. Just a question, what's a Mew Mew girl?
  3. Based on the Magical girl series called Tokyo Mew Mew
  4. I have an idea, if you're interested! :3
    Its set in a modern fantsy type thing, with furries.
    Your character gets sent to a untamed world for something she's done, or that someone doesnt like her or something.
    And my character will find yours, and decides he likes the new meat, and take her inn as a slave/student!

    My character will be of my furry fantasy race, the Lizardkin! :3

    An idea you like? :3
  5. I love it! It sounds soo exciting! Ill do it!
  6. PM me and we will talk more about it.
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