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Okay, so I suddenly got in the mood to try finding some more One x One RPs, preferably Romance ones.

I'm only interested in Straight pairings and I play female.

The kind of pairings I'd like to do are as followed: (Plots provided don't have to be used or can be changed up if anyone has anything they'd want to change or add to it.)

Werewolf x Human (Medieval or Modern)
- One night while the werewolf is out hunting on his in his beast form in the woods for anything that may cross his path, he then spots a female on her way back to the campsite with other humans, in a clearing by the lake. The camp is on wolf territory and others join the werewolf in an attempt to ambush the humans. They succeed and all are killed except for one. The female that the leader had seen. He goes to kill her but stops. Something holds him back and he can't seem to harm her. He doesn't allow the others to harm her either, feeling that she may be special in some way. The female agrees to go with him back to his lair for fear of something happening if she didn't. From there, feelings start to develop between the two.

Fairy x Demon (Medieval)
- Fairies are very rare throughout the kingdoms, but their magic is powerful. Hearing tales about their beauty and magic, many demons have tried to find them and hopefully capture one to use the fairy's magic for their own uses. And since most fairies are known to be female, they could be useful for more than just their magic. A lot of demons have failed though until just recently. One demon was out hunting like he always does but this time on his hunt through the forest, he comes across a fairy wandering the woods as well, or bathing in the waterfall. With no one else around, the demon takes he's chance to try and capture the defenseless fairy. He quickly succeeds and takes her to his home, not wanting her to get away as he thinks of a way to either take her magic or get her to use it for his own needs. Only problem the demon ends up running into, is that he soon finds himself deeply in love with the girl..

Twins (Modern)
-When the twins were very young, maybe about 3, the parents got a divorce, and the twins were separated. Years go by with the two not really having any contact with them, and because they were so young they probably won't remember each other all that much. Perhaps when they turn 16 or 17 the mom finally manages to get custody over the other twin, reuniting the two. During the summer so they have a lot more time to get close to each other again, only they didn't know they'd end up getting too close to where their feelings are past the whole brother sister love...

Vampire Prince x Human (Medieval or Modern)
- A Vampire and a human have been friends since childhood. As the years go by the two are eventually separated. The vampire takes his role has the prince and the human moves away with her family. When the two reach the age of twenty two the human is back in her old town after her parents were killed. She's unaware that her old friend is still in the city and is a prince, let alone a vampire. But one night they end up running into each other. They talk and soon start seeing each other more often, wanting to get back to the times when they were always around each other. They both have had feelings for each other long before they were reunited but the feelings are now growing and so the vampire tries to decide when would be the right time to tell his human friend his feelings as well as what he really his.Only problem he has, is when the girl finds out the truth about him, would she accept him for what he is or will she think of him as a monster and leave...

Prince x Maid (Medieval, Preferably Fantasy related)

-The prince is to be wedded to a princess he has no intentions on marrying and finds himself spending with one of his maids for a bit of company, to try and avoid having to even meet the princess. The maid he chooses to spend time with so happens to have been in love with him ever since she started working at the palace, only he doesn't know for she is too shy to tell him. The maid also has a 'gift' that no one knows about. After being around her for a couple of days just sitting in the garden and talking, the Prince starts to realize he is developing feelings for her as well. Neither one of them knows and time is running short.
Will the Prince accept his feelings for the maid even after discovering her gift and find a way to be with her? Or will he simply ignore them for what she is and just go through with the marriage?
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RP pairings I don't really have plots already made for but will do:
Master/ Slave



Princess/ Servant



Anything really.
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Still looking if anyone might be interested. [:
Would you be interested in doing the Vampire x Human RP?
I'd be interested in roleplaying as well, if you haven't gotten a partner for one.
Well, I like all the ideas you've got flowing, so whichever one you want to play with me. I'm a fantasy and/or modern player. Which one haven't you found a partner for yet?
Don't have a partner for all but the Vampire x Human. Would you like to do the Werewolf x Human?
Fairy x Demon (Medieval)

Since you got yourself a vamp and werewolf, I shall be a demon XD

Lol, alrighty we could do that RP then if you'd like.
I'm interested in the twins! I can play either. :)
I I'm interested in the prince x maid or princess x servant :9 doesn't matter which of them ^^ PM me if you are still interested in doing any of them :9
I'm interested in the Vampire one but a little bit different.