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  1. Hello everyone. Just as the title says, I'm trying to find many new roleplays to start. I have some really great ones going, but sometimes they're a little slow despite how much I might love them... Anyway, to the point. I'm dying! I need some new ones. Please help me~.

    About me:
    -I have little to no life. Therefore, I'm on so much, it's ridiculous.
    -I've been rping for 4-5 years now, and I'm good with my words (usually, I hope).
    -I've been doing longer posts recently, but I try and match quality and quantity.

    As for partners, I'm not going to be too picky, hehe.
    -Please be able to post at LEAST once a day, however if you have something going on once in a while, I totally understand, or if you can't make it to your device for some reason, I understand that too!
    -Absolutely NO text talk. Let's keep that on the phones.
    -Please no emotes...
    -Capital letters, it really is a pet peeve. Over all, JUST MAKE YOUR WRITING LOOK PURDY.
    -Do not disappear. I hate that. If you want to stop or if something isn't going well, let's talk about it!

    I think that's all for now. As for plots. I NEED ROMANCE. Granted, it doesn't have to be a 24/7 romance, I love plot too! Alrighty, I'd prefer to play female...I really would...I have sooooo many m x m or m x f plots that I'm the guy in. Kind of guy'd out. BUT, I will make an exception mayyyybe now and then.

    I do M x F and M x M. I, uhm, don't really do F x F. Tried it, didn't really strike a chord with me. Anyway........TO THE PAIRING MOBILE!

    Blind Model x Photographer/Agent
    Teacher x Student (If you're going to do this one with me, I have a sort of curse where my partner leaves after 1 night of posts, never to return so don't be that person people, please.)
    Bad boy x Good girl
    Magician x Apprentice (In my fandom section, I do have something like this I could possibly prefer.)
    Demon x Human
    Demon x Angel
    Angel x Human
    Spirit x Human


    Fruits Basket
    Howls Moving Castle (YES!!! I need more~~)
    Maybe more, ask me.

    I'm up for anyone almost anything, propose what you want, I might be interested :D
  2. Okay hey, so I checked out your lil thingy above and it caught my interest. Lately I've been wanting to rp on here more often. Lol. Anyways... For the whole mxf thing. I'm offering this. We do two rps. One where I am female, the other where you are female. What do you? I would like it to be teacher/student and bad boyx good girl. :)
  3. XD I enjoyed your entire post ^^ I'm interested in blind modelxagent one. Haven't read anything like that yet and am definitely liking the sound of it. I don't mind playing the male either ^^
  4. I'll have a crack at the Magician/Apprentice one, though you should note that my time online is... inconsistent, at best. Still, I can do my best, though come September, college'll probably eat up all my time. But that's months away.
  5. If you'd be the angel, demon, or spirit, I'd do any of those ones~
  6. I"d be interested in any of these:

    Magician x Apprentice
    Demon x Human
    Demon x Angel
    Angel x Human
    Spirit x Human

    I have no problem playing the male (I prefer it anyways, lol) I have a demon I can use for the two demon ones, and for the other two I can easily make another character. My posting is a bit erratic to be honest. Sometimes I'll post every day or as often as possible, and sometimes I disappear for a few days. If this is okay with you, I'll be happy to do an rp with you.
  7. I'd be into these:

    Demon x Angel
    Teacher x Student (prefer to be m/m)
    Spirit x Human

    I am fine playing male, and I like m/m. I can post multiple times a day, and I can post multiple paragraphs. If you would have me, I'd be glad to rp any of these wit you ^^
  8. I'm willing to roleplay with you. ^^ I'm interested in the Teacher x Student and Spirit x Human. Don't worry, I'm willing to play the guy since I've been doing a lot of FxF roleplays lately. I'm also online the whole day, and I do reply rather quickly; if I log off without letting you know, it's either that my internet disconnected, I'm busy, or I get distracted.
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