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  1. Hey guys! It's me again! I have a thought on a story i want to do to for a Bioshock Role play.
    This particular sign up is a little different, I have two stories that I had in mind and you can either sign up to participate in one or both.

    The first story is about the fall of Rapture. As you know, Andrew Ryan either killed or banished men or women who spoke against him. If they were killed their body was dumped into the ocean but if they were banished, they were kicked into an old part of the city where there was no escape, they kicked many people there, including Frank Fontaine.
    Ryan thinks your working for Frank when your really not and throws you into the messed up part of the city nicknamed The City of Thieves, where scientists and gaurds take you to a secret prison. There you are turned into a big daddy and for the longest time are forced to work for the men that turned you into a monster. However you gain your self control back and try to find a way out of the city.

    The second story is about a man who loosed his baby sister to a big sister. Nobody believed Rapture existed except for you after that incident where a metal thing took her to the Ocean. With the help of your friend from the military you end up joining and go on a top secret mission to collect research from Rapture. There you find your sister as a little sister and figure out a way to survive in that place, rescue her, and try to find a way home.

    If you wish to do a different story about Rapture with me then feel free to message me, I'm up for any ideas your willing to tell me.

    If you want to join both or either one of these role plays then message me or comment the following information below:

    First or second story?:
    What they look like:
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