Need male for modern fantasy, fandom or romance Roleplay!

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  1. Hey guys, I am looking for a male to do some stories in the following categories:

    Fantasy (or modern fantasy)

    Plot 1: Four kingdoms are at war and your character wants to rule all of them, as he plans to do so...he meets the new princess of the East, a beautiful elf who has stolen your heart from the moment you laid eyes on her!
    As you slowly become a dictator, she is forced to flee so that the East may have another fighting chance, but your love for her makes you determined to find her before the rebels get to her first to hold her hostage against you...

    Plot 2: It is said that there is a secret light creature that sends sunlight to the creatures of the Earth once a year before it slumbers back into a sacred diamond...however dark forces plan to shatter it, sending the pieces everywhere which causes the pieces to transform into hideous and powerful monsters under evils control!

    Only the true wielder of the gauntlets of strength and shield of justice! Legend says that the very gods themselves placed a single drop of their power into two mortals, making them incredibly strong and able to wield the weapons, not anyone else but their powers were only activated when the world is in peril!
    Two heroes discover their power and rise up, discovering how to work with each other on the way!


    Plot 3: Scrouge the hedgehog...a dictator of his works and a ladies man, he had it all, concouring worlds and having babes all over him (against their will of course) but when he meets Leslie, a bad girl full of leather tightly fitted around her hot body (his type) his world turns upside down! He has to have her!
    As he tries to woo her, he keeps falling deeper and deeper for her to the point where he dosent want any other gal except her!
    Will he win her heart or will he fall in a deep depression.

    Plot 4: Same as the Scrouge one only it's different furries.