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  1. Hello everyone. I'd really like to get a picture of my naruto OC drawn (So I can use him for a CS)

    Name: Kano Sabaku
    Age: 13

    Personality: Kano is a very sympathetic and understanding, though he is often mistaken as scary because of his expression and just general quietness. He usually doesn't speak or give his opinions unless directly spoken too or asked for them. Kano has good posture and usually stares off into space often, though if it's important hell focus in on the speaker. He usually has blank apathetic expressions (like his father) but has been known to have smile sweetly (like his mother) on occasion. Kano is a very organized individual, he doesn't like a lot clutter or mess.

    Father: Gaara Sabaku
    Mother: Shizune

    Looks: Kano has black hair that's usually messy and reaches his ears in the front and the nape of his neck in the back. He has greenish bluish eyes like his father (Gaara). He actually does have eyebrows, though they're a little on the thin side.He has pierced ears. Which are silver studs. His face shape is an inverted triangle.

    tends toward simpler clothing. Like his father and mother he wears a mesh undershirt and a black and white zip up jacket over that. Black pants that have bandages tied at the ankles to keep them from being loose. Wears his hitai-ate around his neck.He wears the leaf headband outwardly, but he does have a snake homage to the sand village hidden in his clothes.

    Born to Shizune and Gaara Sabaku, there was a bit of an uproar as the where the young heir was to be raised. As the son of the Kazekage it would make seems for him to be in Suna. But Gaara felt that he might be safer in Konoha until he become older and graduated from the academy. Wanting the young one to experience both their cultures. He visited Suna on occasion. He grew a deep affection for both villages. Due to the set up most of his friends are in Konoha though he knows that one day he may be called upon to lead Suna. ( sorry if this sucks he's a new char and I don't have his history fully fleshed out yet. this is just a history that I have been toying with)


    image.jpg image.jpg He has what I would consider a regular build for someone his age. He might be slightly on the skinny side.He's about 5'2 and weighs 117 lbs

    Eye color image.jpg image.jpg

    Eye shape: image.jpg image.jpg

    Headband image.jpg

    This is all I can think of to put, but if you need any more detail about things feel free to ask, thanks in advance whomever replies!
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  2. Still looking for someone to draw this guy! ^-^
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