Need M or F for MxF(plots D/s and more)

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  1. Hello everyone, I am Chesh. I roleplay females but if you give me a good case i am willing to Roleplay guys. FxM only though please.

    I would like at least 3 paragraphs but you can go more if you are willing just please for the love of god, NO ONE LINERS. Try to keep the grammar decent enough for comprehension

    Please don't just leave me half way through an RP without at least giving me some sort of heads up. If you are just bored of the roleplay in general, talk to me. I am perfectly willing to 'spice it up' if need be.I do want a little bit of plot rather than sex sex and more sex. This is a roleplay, not a five minute porno on replay.

    Lastly, I want you to contribute a little bit. Don't leave me to do everything meaning, don't just react to everything I do. Do things for me to react to also, it is annoying when someone writes a three paragraph response that is all giving a detailed reaction to one thing.

    Won't do
    Toilet Play
    Extreme Abuse/Torture
    Strap on's

    If there is anything you want to do, talk to me about it and I will say whether or not I'm willing. For the most part though I am up for just about anything

    Dom/Sub Plots (open)
    Victim x Succubus
    Victim x Incubus
    Vampire x Human
    Powerful Vampire x Newbie Witch
    Demon x Angel
    Demon x Human
    Slave Trainer x Kidnapped Trainee(I will explain if you need)
    Bad Boy x Good Girl
    Powerful Wizard x Newbie Vampire
    Hunter x Demon
    Hunter x Vampire
    Hunter x Angel

    Other Plots (open)
    Bad Boy x Bad Girl
    Rival x Rival
    Princess x Prince
    Princess x Body Guard
    Princess x Rebel
    Pirate Captain x Pirate
    Pirate x Pirate
    Pirate Captain x Pirate Captain
    Carnival Freak x Visitor
    Carnival Freak x Carnival Freak

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  2. I'd like to talk plots. :)
  3. Anything in particular that you were interested in? Send me a PM
  4. How about a Vampire/Cheerleader(F) paired with a Human/Nerd(M) With me being the Male!

    Also, I can only do 2 that okay?
  5. Hey there! How it going for Furry OnexOne thing? Because I would like to do that...without the sex...and me being female.
  6. :/ Sorry. I really only play stuff that will have sex, I only play MxF pairings and... I don't really RP with other guys... It weirds me out... :/ Sorry...
  7. But, you're free to borrow the idea! :) I don't mind. So long as you just say where the idea came from.
  8. Thanks bro. Sorry for weirding you out.
  9. Nah, it's cool. You didn't weird me out, you were just asking :)
  10. you only do libertine RP's? MxF?
  11. Hmmm. Maybe we could set this up as a group RP? With the mass majority females? Two different story paths? Would be really nice to see your style in a RP!
  12. Sorry :/ I don't do group RPs either. One on one libertine.
  13. Oh...well, can you at least help me set up the group rp. (Rules and All That They Would Need To Follow)? I want this to be very ideal towards your RP.
  14. Just use my RP as a guideline. Make it your own, you don't need me to tell you how to do it.
  15. Okay. Hope you check it out when it's up and running!
  16. Vampire Cheerleer x human nerd. I might be up for that. Two paragraphs should be fine so long as you're actually contributing
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