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  1. So, the plan for my anniversary present was for me to get a Microsoft Surface, but after reconsidering it, I decided that I didn't want to deal with Windows 8.1. I already have it on my computer and I hate it. I'm trying to find a decent Android tablet, and I'm torn between an Asus and a Samsung Galaxy. I refuse to get any more Apple products, so pleas do not even suggest an iPad of any kind.

    Anyone have any other suggestions? I'd like something that I can get a keyboard for, that isn't obscenely large, but not small enough that I have to squint to read anything. It also needs to be some what durable. I had an Asus memopad before and it was great, but the screen was paper thin and cracked easily. @_@
  2. An anniversary is its own present.

    To be reminded that you are loved.

  3. You obviously haven't been married for 10+ years, and have had to live separately for over a year....
  4. So in 8 years' time I'll have forgotten all those feelings of wonder, love and gratitude and will just be harassing my wife for gadgets?


    Okay then.
  5. It's his way of keeping me from complaining when he wants to watch something I don't. I get to watch what I want on my tablet, and he gets the TV. Everyone wins, and there's no fighting. It's how we've managed to stay married for 14 years.

    Besides, considering the fact that he bought himself a $2000 laptop as his anniversary present from me, I hardly see how my rinky dink little $200 tablet is that big of a deal.
  6. My wife and I got married because we like the same things.

    *attaches a Vulcan Koala Bear to Nydanna's leg*

  7. I'm not entirely sure where it says that all marriages have to be the same, but considering I've had the longest first marriage in my family, I'd say things are working out pretty well considering that he and I have very little in common. If we did, we probably would have been divorced years ago.
  8. It's like you haven't even read the Bible.

    *watches the Koala Bear climb higher*
  9. Asmo, stahp.

    Nydanna, I would go with the Samsung Galaxy. Some of my friends have it, and they like it. I haven't had very great experience with Asus products in the past, either.
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  10. Both Asus and Samsung are solid brands honestly. If you're really worried about them being durable look for one with gorilla glass if you can and/or get an otterbox for it or a "life proof" case. Good idea on not going with a Surface......they have.........issues with the battery sometimes.
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  11. For one, I went to Catholic school from Kindergarten to Eighth grade. For two, I'm atheist, so is my husband. For three, it's a sign of appreciation for sticking through the crap that I've dealt with for the past year, just like me spending all day making him lasagna and red velvet cake from scratch when he gets home is my way of showing him my appreciation. I don't have to do it, but I do, just like he doesn't have to buy me things, but he does. It's not like I'm shallow and demanding that he buy me something, and considering that there are women out there who would file for divorce if they didn't get a diamond every anniversary, I'd say my standards are pretty low. I ask for one, maybe two things a year, if that much. I happened to ask for a tablet this year, and he decided that our anniversary was a good time to get it for me since my birthday is in October, Mother's day is a day the kids make things for me, and we don't celebrate Valentine's day.

    Now that the discussion is over, does anyone actually have any suggestions?
  12. Goddamnit Asmo, why do you have to go about ruining people's moods? >:I
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  13. My mood's not ruined, not even Asmo could ruin my mood for me today. It's funny that I'm getting marriage advice from someone who hasn't been married as long as I have though. o.O
  14. It's not even real advice, he's just being a dickhead. As usual >:I
  15. I think Diana needs to add a feature to the site which adds a little line underneath every OOC post Asmo makes, reading "HE'S PROBABLY JUST FUCKING WITH YOU".

    But I digress.

    Get you a Samsung tablet if you're going down the tablet route. They're excellent wee pieces of technology, very open in what you can install on it, and they don't really break too often in my experience.
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  16. o__o

    *slowly reaches out and unlatches the Koala Bear from Nydanna's leg*

    I'm sorry this spiralled out of control...

    ...I'll... I'll go drown this thing now.
  17. I'm used to it. He's like my mother, he sucks the joy out of everything, and just as easy to ignore.

    I'm most likely going to get a Galaxy. I loved my S4 until I cracked the screen by dropping it in my driveway. X_X My little Asus was great, but the screen sucked. They both have an SD slot, but I think Galaxy's might be a bit more durable in the long run, plus it's way easier to get accessories for it without having to go online to order them. >_<
  18. Having owned the Galaxy S3 and S5 as my previous and current phones, I'm a bit of a Samsung fanboy, so I'll say go for that. I haven't looked up the specs or anything, but both options will probably very capably handle anything you're likely to need them for. It just comes down to personal preference on aesthetics and brand name, to be honest, assuming they're the same price.
  19. I like the Samsung Galaxy.
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