Need help with driving music!

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  1. Next week I have a 14 hour drive ahead of me, and I really, really need some music to help me. However, most of the stuff on my iPod is audiobooks and songs that are....well, they'll end up putting me to sleep before I even get out of Florida. So, I'm asking everyone I know for suggestions for some good driving music! Mind you, I will have kids in the car with me, which means nothing with obscene lyrics. I listen to pretty much everything with the exception of rap and country.

    Any suggestion are greatly appreciated!
  2. Well, there goes a lot of my suggestions haha.

    This video gives you some good songs, I think.

    I'll try to have more in the near future.
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  3. This came to mind immediately. I don't know if it's a good driving song or not, but it does seem humorous to consider. Imagine yourself rolling down the highway with your window down and blasting this. I'd dare anyone to mess with you.
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  4. Omg! Just the fact that it has 'You could be Mine' in the opening got me all excited, but it wasn't on the list. :( But, at least it gave me a song. I few of them weren't too bad though.

  5. You want traveling music? This is traveling music. Child appropriate too. :P I suggest a lot of disney songs personally....then again I have hundreds of disney songs. <.< >.>

    I don't have a problem.... shut up
  6. Since you have kids, I highly suggest Disney songs :) any movie will do. Hell I have hundreds of Disney songs myself on my iPhone ^_^

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  8. Neon Icon - Riff Raff

    Let this album touch your heart and other uncomfortable places.

    EDIT: Read full post and the part about kids and rap music. Disregard this post.
  9. Gwazi, that's a lot of Dark Knight music. :P Not sure how my kids will deal with it, but it works for me. lol
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  10. It's like you're driving the Batmobile.

    IT'S AWESOME!!! :3
  11. Roflmao

    Only a guy would think that way.
  12. As if the thought didn't cross your mind as well. :P
  13. It didn't. :P

    And I'm surprised no one added this one!

  15. I'm not a Batman fan. I'd rather ride on a motorcycle with Captain America. :P
  16. But... Batman... ;A;

    I know he's DC... But still, Batman.
  17. Captain America is hotter.
  18. But Batman has the voice, and the batmobile. ;A;
  19. Batman sounds like he's been smoking for the past century. o.o
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