Need help with Dice-based combat system and GMing

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  1. Hi there, i'm trying to create a Dice based battle system to use in some RPs, but i just run out of ideas :/

    I have a 20d, from 2-10 it's a fail, 1 is a critical fail, from 11-19 it's a hit, 20 is a critical hit, i do damage calculations based on stats and dice rolls.

    This still pretty basic and doesn't cover all the combat aspects.

    Could someone help me with this? Q.Q ;-;
  2. Sorry for the late reply!

    You could use the D&D system of various things adding modifiers! For example, an enchanted weapon gives a +2 to the damage calculation

    You may want to also factor in an evasion stat which influences how likely someone is to avoid an attack!

    Elements can be interesting to consider, too. Does a flaming arrow get a damage boost if it hits ice or dry wood?

    You may want to draw up an altered system for flying creatures and pets that players may keep with them, or use the same system you use for the players.

    Does your stat system involve level-ups or skill points at all?

    It's a good idea to keep everything written down somewhere you can access easily, if it comes up. Like a notebook by your computer, or a word document.
  3. Thanks, in my system i'm thinking about getting very deep in combat, there would be skill sets, leveling, environment (sorry if bad grammar, i'm typing on the phone) players would be able to have battle companions like dogs and stuff, there would be stats, evasion, accuracy, intelligence,etc.

    And i'm using the D&D system as base.
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