Need help with a Sci-Fi OC (multiple requests within, come check it out!)

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Okay, gonna make this quick and simple: I need some help with an OC. Specifically, my primary Sci-Fi character, Maar.

    I'll provide a basic character sheet I've used for him in the past (just the basics), and a few images used to help you get a feeling on what he looks like (because my descriptions of appearance suck. Like, badly).

    I'd prefer if you do this for free, considering the budget issues on my end are a pain in the ass, meaning I have almost no cash to spend freely. I'd also want to see a little portfolio (for my own amusement and so I can pick a specific style for his design).

    Without further adieu, here is the information:

    Maar (open)

    Maar Ronoush




    Human (sometimes an Anamantian, which is an original Neko-looking species I created)

    Preferred Weapon(s):

    BlasTech Industries DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol [​IMG] and his claws/teeth. He also has a passion for energy blades.

    Bio: Maar was born and raised on Human Colony G-R2 in the middle of "Relenus Vesta", a wild and lush green planet in the southern spiral arm of the Xenayar Galaxy. There he lived in a small farmstead with his mother, two sisters, his father and, until recently, his aunt and uncle. Due to the wonderful and ever-bountiful nature of the planet, his father set up a farm and began to harvest the local Barnar, Yoope and Veentair crops, along with many other sorts of vegetables and fruits. One year when Maar was 6, a shipment from Torrenal came to the colony with all sorts of produce and animals, which flourished in the Relenus Vesta environment and allowed his father to expand his farming business to all sorts of things rather then just fruits and vegetables.

    While he was born a farmer, Maar also excelled in piloting and mechanics. He loved to tinker with starships and speeders and he had extremely steady hands. Most of his friends called him "a literal grease monkey" because he was often found working on either droids or his personal Speeder. He even rebuilt a heavily destroyed HK-55 unit out of spare parts, including a few additional components he added in. Not long after he had finished attending the Relenus Vesta Pilots Academy, Maar took a transport to the Birugal System and joined up with the Royal Star Pilots who worked under the service of King Ridley-Scott II. In his downtime while he wasn't flying around the galaxy assisting in the transportation of goods and services, or even escorting the lovely Princess Audra (whom he fancied quite a bit) and various diplomats to the surrounding systems for political reasons. However, Maar is a totally respectable pilot and mechanic in King Ridley-Scott II's court.


    Maar owns a personally customized Astronomical Android known as HK-55 [​IMG] and is a skilled pilot, both in peaceful and combat situations.

    And now, I have about 4 different ways I'd like him to be drawn, mainly so I have one for each-version of him that shows up in my RP's. If you choose to do the different versions as well, they won't require much detail. Mostly its just a few additions such as cat-ears and a tail, or an alternate costume (both of which you can directly paste on the original image without having to create a new pose, but I'll tell you if there's a specific post I'd like him to be in for each image).

    Regular Appearance (open)


    Hair Length: (hair colour is brown. Use "Face" image for reference.)



    Typically stands at 5'8. Image below shows body-weight/girth. Skinny, in case you don't get what I mean by showing this image.


    Regular Clothes:

    [​IMG] with a brown belt (with blaster holster), blue pants, and black boots similar to those worn by Han Solo in Star Wars (just use the lower half of Han's costume from A New Hope for reference).

    Alternate Appearances (open)
    1. Bounty Hunter: (with or without the helmet is fine)

    Carries around this weapon: [​IMG]

    2. Jedi & Sith Outfit:


    Robes: (feel free to ask about colours if you don't see them in this image) image.jpg

    Lightsaber: (lime-green blade) image.jpg


    Robes: [​IMG]

    Lightsaber: (Ruby red blade) [​IMG]

    3. Anamantian: image.jpg (just the ears and tail, can be added to the original image I asked for)

    4. Pilot Suit: (click the url to see the suit colours)


    If you're interested in drawing Maar, please post below or send me a PM! I would really appreciate it if somebody helped out ^^
  2. Still looking, anyone wanna help a guy out?
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