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  1. Hey I can't remember where to go when you need help about something so I'm just going topost it here

    SO sometimes when someone replays I can't see what they post. If they speak I see that bit but the rest is white and then it just looks like a gap. Anyone else have this problem? And does anyone know why? And how do you stop it from happening? Please let me know :(
  2. Would you have a white background, by any chance? /twecents
  3. Well yeah I do but it happened when I had the regular background as well. Also I can't remember how to change it back
  4. Well, you can change it at the very bottom left of the screen or in your preferences... for the rest, I can't help as it doesn't happen to me, sorry! Dx
  5. OK thanks for your help :) maybe it is the white background I just remembered that I had the orange one on when it first started not the first one.
  6. @Sucker Flavoured Punch you were right about the white background just changed and I can see it again thank you :D
  7. You're welcome! :D
    Happy to be of help.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.