Need help learning how to fly.

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  1. So yeah. I've been interested in my dreams lately.

    I have just realized that whenever I'm trying to sleep, and I suddenly feel weightless, or visualize myself floating in my dreams, I suddenly jolt awake in an attempt to stay on the ground.

    The times it pisses me off the most are when I've painted myself a sky, or a galaxy to zip through, dawn sky, or infinite expanse of stars, I suddenly need to stop and put my feet down, like I want to confirm I can fly in the first place, or confirm that I have control over it.

    It happened today in one of my classes actually. All my work was done. I could nap. And as soon as I start see a universe forming, I suddenly shoot awake, and my feet lift up before stepping back down.

    In terms of flight, the most I've come close to in my dreams without waking up immediately are either zero gravity moon 'hops,' or fantastic leaps, like the hulk or something, if that helps.




  2. I hear if you eat the hearts of animals, you gain their powers. Go kill a toucan or something.
  3. Clearly I must consume a toy fighter jet to achieve supersonic flight in my next dream. Flapping wings? Psshaw!
  4. ummm.. ummmm.. Okay. Trying to help here.. haha. Let's see in order to fly you've first have to go to flight school. Now where you find that at, I have no clue. You will perhaps need to goto a park and try jumping really hard at the sky.. Maybe if you try hard enough you will confirm so.. Just don't go jumping off any buildings haha 0.o
  5. Edgar is wrong. Trying to fly will only make it impossible. If you actually attempt to get off the ground - try really, really hard - you won't get anywhere. I've had flying dreams similar to the ones he's talking about, except for me, the dreams felt so real that I'm almost totally convinced one of them actually happened. And here's how to fly:

    1) Get a running start. You need a large empty field, possibly with a slight downslope to pick up speed.

    2) Get lost in it. Don't think about trying to fly. If it happens, it'll happen. Again, you can't force it. You need to get lost in the sensation of running. Keep doing it until you feel light in your chest, without any worries or cares.

    3) Get off the ground. Just a jump or even tripping should do. You should find yourself floating.

    4) Don't freak out. Really, it's a bad idea.

    5) Get aquainted with the controls. Moving your arms and legs down will push you up. Throwing them back will push you forward. Just keep practicing until you feel confident of what you're doing.

    6) Get your ass back down here. This is actually very important. Touching back down will confirm that you were up there to begin with. If you want to get back up, it will be much easier for you now. Just a short run and a hard jump will get you floating again. Spend too long on the ground or get too nervous about the sensation and you won't be able to get back up.

    And that's how you fly.
  6. Flight worked for me while being chased usually.
  7. *sets the mood*

  8. [video=youtube;f1oMhMwUbgc][/video] This is how I learned.
  9. Ah, thanks Cicatrix. True Professionals at work.