Need Girl for a Vampire, romance, drama, action story!

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  1. Your just a ordinary high school girl, but your not so ordinary when you end up transferred to a an all vampire boy academy!

    Your mother and father died in a tragic car accident, so your grandfather decided to take care of you. Unfortunately he has just retired and you can no longer stay in your current high school. Sad and lonely you find out that your grandfather could only afford one school called Vampire Academy! To both you and your grandfather it sounded like a funny name for a design school. However when you settle your way in, you find that the school is actually filled with real vampires! Yikes! Not being allowed to leave until winter break, you have to keep your identity and your sex hidden from the entire school.
    -- Please message me if you would like to be part of this marvelous story! Thank you!--

    Message me that you would like to be part of this story, then message me about your character that you have in mind for this story! I will need their...

    What they look like:

    I will also need to know how long your online and if you feel ok with a girl playing the boy's in the vampire academy, if not then this is not the story for you. Also if you get a message back from me saying that the position has been filled, then I wanted to let you know that it's not you...I need a very specific role in this story and you have been wonderful by trying to participate. Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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