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  1. Just need a partner. Haven't thought of anything yet. But I had a few RPs die so need a few new ones. I work alot so my replies might be slow but don't worry ill reply back.
    If you are interested let me know. Idc what we do.
    I don't do yoai or syfy.
    I do Yuri, romance ( every RP i do is romance lol), horror, furry( never had one but willing to), fantasy, and more lol.

    If your a girl looking for a partner to play a guy I'm up for that as well.
  2. Mmhhh I have a picture that I've wanted to make an rp of but never had any ideas so far.
  3. What's the picture?
  4. This one

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  5. Might have a plot lol
  6. Yay! Oh and I play femmale. Do you mind that?
  7. Nope I'm willing to play a boy. Just pm me
  8. hey lol never fear, i may have just joined but ill always rp ;)
  9. Lol ok so what type you like to do
  10. well im looking to go out of my comfort zone so, ill do yuri romance and or furry. all genres
  11. She did say that she doesn't do yuri, so you're out of luck there.
  12. I do do Yuri I don't do yaoi or syfy .
    And ill look into them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.