Need fresh meat *cough* I mean roleplays

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  1. I am now planning rps with four people, and I'm waiting to see if some of my rps are dying or not. Until I know if those rps really are dying I won't take on anymore rp partners for the moment. This thread will be open until plot discussions are finished.

    Hello, now I am searching after new rp partners since my current rps are going a bit slowly :3

    Here's some things from my rp resume since its not visible yet :)
    Preferred gender: Female but can also play male (mostly in MxM but also in MxF)
    Favorite genre: modern, historical, fantasy, magic, horror,supernatural, survival, vampires, demons, pirates, villains, mutants, ghosts, romance (MxM, MxF), etc. (most things works, things with strokes under them is things I like a bit extra)
    Genre I dislike: Scifi, Mecha
    Playing style: Both aggressive and submissive depending on the rp.
    Plot candies: Vampires, Historical (Ancient Egypt/Rome/Victorian era/Pirates-1600) (Especially like when people gets thrown into a different time period from our time), Pirates, Supernatural stuff.

    Writing style: Around 2-10 paragraph's per post depending on the roleplay and the partner. Writes in third person past time. (Ex: She looked deep into his eyes before she spoke.) I like many paragraphs, like them a loooot.

    Other: English is not my native language so I might do grammar mistakes now and then. I have spellchecker though so that is usually not an issue.
    If you think you are a good match (rp partner) then write either here or in a message and we can brainstorm ideas. If we have some genres we like in common then we can center the brainstorming on those genres :3

    (Will only accept two-three rp partners for the moment since I already have so many going on, but I think some of them are about to die so I might take in more if that is the case.)
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  2. I'm looking for an interesting vampire romance RP, if you want. :3
    I'm terrible at being a male, but still, mxf
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  3. Hi!!! I'm interested~~~
    Can do most RP's. I don't mind a MxM set in any time except the future.
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  4. Ok, I'll send a message so we can brainstorm :3
  5. I'd like to brainstorm some ideas with you.
    I'll let you know right now though, I prefer to play a female,
    and I like romance.

    I can play a male, but I like to double up in that case.
  6. K, I'll send you a message in a minute :)
  7. Your inbox was full and its not possible to do that long messages in the message box on the profile, so we'll discuss here I guess ^^

    I thought that we both seems to be into magic and fantasy and horror. So I though maybe some kind of harry potter world (Only the world, not the plot or stuff like that) Our characters might be students in a wizard school and then some kind of evil force awakens in the magical world. Our characters might not be the once who tries to stop that evil force, they might not even know it exists. But because of it they can get into really bad situations without knowing why. They just happen to be at the wrong places at the wrong time. And of course there will be normal high school life (in wizard form) and lots of romance too. xD ahhaha

    What do you think?
  8. I don't mind, it does sound good. Sorry about my inbox, i deleted some messages. xD