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  1. Ever since you were a little girl you grew up around rough neighborhoods. Switching from at least three different high schools you never made any friends as a kid. However one day you ended up meeting a kid in a bush after school. You two ended up being friends and met each other in that same bush each day talking about your feelings. That changed though when your mother took you away, divorced your father and wouldn't talk about why ever since.
    Luck was on you side though! Before you went back home from talking to that little boy he dropped a heinkerchief. It had the insignia SA which was the symbol for Sterlington Academy! One of the richest and most expensive Academy's in the state. Working hard you end up accepted into the academy with your registration. Will you find your childhood friend? Maybe even fall in love with him?
    If you wish to apply for this story please put down the following information below:

  2. Name: Anastasia Romanov
    Age: 16
    Personality: Anastasia tends to be a kind girl, when you're on her good side. She loves to make people smile, but she does have a bad side, especially when she's betrayed. She can be a bit emotional though she never talks about it. She hides her sadness with a smile just to make others feel better.
    Bio: Born in Russia, Anastasia moved to the States and to that dreadful neighborhood when she was the young age of five. Not long after, she met her childhood friend and seemed to be getting used to her new life. That was until her parents divorced when she was ten and was forced to go back to Russia with her mother. Though before, she found out about Sterlington Academy. She worked as hard as she could to get accepted into the school, dedicating all her time to it, and sure enough they paid off because she was accepted. Now that she's their, the only thing on her mind is finding the one person that made her happy when no one else could, her childhood friend.
  3. Name: Sylvia
    Age: 16
    Personality: Sylvia is a really shy girl, she had a terrible childhood and she's always alone to prevent people from hurting her. She doesn't talk about her feelings so much since it's not easy for her to trust in people. She's a depressed girl who only finds happines in the memories of her friend from the bush.
    Bio: Sylvia grew up around a rough neighborhood, she switched from schools quite a lot so she never made any friends as a kid. One day she met a boy in a bush after school, someone she trusted and she felt close to open up her heart and her mind. As a really lonely and depressed kid, Sylvia had found the best friend she secrectly always wanted. It all changed when her mother got divorced from her father making her leave town and the only friend she has ever known. All she had left from his little friend was a heinkerchief with the symbol of the Sterlington Academy as the only hint to find him again. Working hard Sylvia got accepted and now she doesn't know what to do, but one thing is sure: She can't wait to find him.
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