Need Female or Futa for Brother/Sister RP

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  1. I'm looking for a female or futa character for an incest RP. Brother and Sister/Futa, ages 16-25.

    I can either be Dom, Switch or Sub. I can play any easily. I like subs that are a little to very defiant.

    I also prefer social deviants to super models/actresses. Punks, hippies, goths, emo, hipsters, psychobilly chicks (favorite), nerdy feminists, video game geeks, etc those are a few of my favorite things. Eh, who am I kidding, those are all of my favorite things.

    I really like story/plot devices. I'm not "just" on here to cyber. I want to build a good story with the other person/people.

    RPs I love involve any mixture of the following:
    Romance, Master/Slave(Pet), Pseudo-rape (maybe Non-Con), Summoner/Creature, Effeminate Male.

    I prefer modern, but also love fantasy and scifi elements.

    I'm into everything except toilet stuff, gore and vore. I'll make sure any kinks to be used are made clear before we start.

    If you would like to be involved or would like more details, let me know in a PM. I don't care what your real gender is as long as you are convincing.

    Please don't reply to this thread. PM me with the subject "Incest Female or Futa" if you are interested.
  2. Example posts:

    The Unwelcome Arrangement

    Sienna Wayland was a human shamanic background, who spent most of her young life practicing meditation and healing. Both her parents were well known Shamans and had a company, Alchemitec, mostly dealing within the medical fields. Her family stems from the first Shamans to ever exist, but Sienna still found herself interested in the technologies of their time as well. Never one to be too traditional, she wore what she pleased typically, a cute baby t-shirt or sweater, depending on the season, with a skirt or leggings. If not, she wore dresses of varying lengths and cuts. She had known for a while that she would be married, having had a dream of it. Although she tried to prepare herself by becoming better at things like cooking, nothing could really prepare her to marry a man she didn't know.

    Of course Sienna didn't simply practice shamanic healing but she also enjoyed writing fantasy novels about the many different races of the world, listening to music, and just enjoying nature whenever she could. Her love for animals was immense and she'd always had a pet of some kind. Sienna usually kept her long brown hair in long braids with feather accents to match her outfit for the day, with her bangs framing her face and making her hazel eyes stand out. Her shape was one that many women would die for, her breasts not overly small or big, along with her backside that stood out a little more due to her small waist. At five foot three she kept her body fit, making sure to exercise and eat right unless it was a special occasion. Most of the time, you could find her smiling unless something was wrong or had her deep in thought. Although sometimes she may keep things to herself if she isn't happy about something or has a strong opinion on something, she will voice it. She doesn't hold things that are important to her in, knowing how bad it can be for the soul. She's smart and expresses her emotions or as some could say, wears her heart on her sleeve. Not one for clutter she always tried to maintain a clear and spacious area. When she sees a mess it’s almost like she has OCD and has to clean it.
    Jacob Blackstone, a human Corporate Mage working as a magic research adviser for a company called Aztechnology, a corporation from Aztlan (formerly Mexico, recreated in Aztec image) heavily involved in consumer goods, chemistry and magic. Jacob Blackstone comes from a long lineage of Aztecs. However, any visible heritage has been wiped clean by marrying into no Aztec families. But his family and the corporation still follow ancient traditions and he had an arranged marriage with a woman. A woman he barely knew.

    Jacob was not just a mage; he was a scholar, a musician and a collector of rare magical artifacts. He also had a love for art and classic literature. Specifically old Victorian detective novels like Sherlock Holmes. He was a very sharp dressed man, wearing very chic executive mage robes, but his tradition of magic made him take on a strange appearance. He had red mystical looking tattoos all over his body that glowed when using his magic. He had short straight black and his face was in a perpetual five o' clock shadow. But despite the intimidating appearance he was still a pleasant man to look at. Although not anything to overly brag about, the need to maintain the sharpness of his body as well as his mind meant he was in decent shape. He had wiry taught muscles, broad shoulders and a lean stomach. Still his attitude was something left to be desired. He was cold, miserly and distant. He did most of his work from his penthouse in a main corporate tower, only occasionally leaving on special assignments, sometime gone for days. His penthouse apartment left abandoned. At the annoyance of his superiors, he does not let anyone in his penthouse. He won't even allow servants to clean. With his work a priority, his apartment has fallen into disarray. If it wasn't for his minimalist life style, it would be a huge mess. But he eats quick synthetic meals, drinks only water and only has a few robes that he wears. He only attends corporate parties when he is forced to by his superiors and they always regret inviting him.

    The marital arrangement between the two was made purely as a power move by Aztechnology to ensure an extremely important financial exchange between them and Sierra’s families much smaller corporation. Although not outright spoken in the dealings or written anywhere in any contract, her grandfather knew Aztechnology was eventually going to be able to acquire Alchemitec and liquidate its assets, leaving his family bankrupt. The arranged marriage ensured that his family would stay wealthy. A small portion of Aztechnology’s earnings would be paid out to her family as long as they stayed married. In the event that the two were divorced for any reason, the funds would cease. However, in the event a child was born from the union it would receive an assured place in the corporation keeping the families name and power secured. Jacob was not happy with this engagement, a portion of his own earnings was included in what was given to his betrothed’s family and he also had to house, cloth and feed her as well. He needed this money to continue his research and vowed to spend as little money on the woman as possible, she was only a distraction. Not since he was a young man had he been with a woman, he never needed one; magic was his only true love. Sierra knew the arrangement was important to her family’s well-being, and how Jacob could at any time decide that it wasn’t worth the trouble. All he had to do was wait until her family’s company was dissolved and then he could divorce her immediately. But that could take months or even years. Immediately afterward, her family would then dive into poverty and it would earn her great shame.

    Arch-Nemesis: The Bad Deal

    Jason Dean (22) was only 14 when he and his family moved to Gotham city. His father was an engineer and inventor who got a job offer at Wayne Enterprises. His mother was a police detective and was able to find a job with the GCPD. They were well to do, they had a lovely home and David was doing well in school. With his father's brains and his mother's discipline he was able to make Valedictorian and be named MVP on his wrestling and rugby teams. After he graduated, he was offered an internship at Wayne Enterprises and started going to Gotham University. He was really more interested in starting a career in criminal justice, against his father's wishes. While studying law, he started taking jiu-jistu and learning parkour as hobbies which he became very good at quickly. He was light-skinned, spending most of his waking hours in night classes. He was 6'2" and had a broad body with thick muscles. He had short dark brown hair that was straight styled. He typically wore plain t-shirts, jeans and a leather jacket.

    One rainy summer afternoon after his junior year in college, he was visiting a conference being held by Wayne Enterprises. His father was the presenter of a specially powered suit designed to help laborers perform work more safely. It protected against falling equipment and allowed them to lift things that would normally require 2-3 men. It was also designed to help the handicapped perform tasks like a normal person. A few Wayne Enterprises investor started asking questions about using it in law enforcement and military uses. But his father threatened to cancel the project if it was to be used for those projects, and Bruce Wayne backed him on this.

    The next evening, while sleeping at home, he was awakened by the shot of a pistol and his mother screaming. Frightened for their safety, he charged in the room and tackled the criminal. In his attempt to disarm the man he was shot in the spine. During the struggle, his father smashed the man in the head with a bat and the criminal was unconscious. It turned out the man was sent by one of the investors to steal the suit. Bruce Wayne cancelled the project, but kept his father on staff. He offered to pay for David's hospital bills and for the rest of his college. Unfortunately, David was crippled from the incident. He wasn't paralyzed but his nervous system was damaged and he had to walk with a cane. His father kept the suit and continued to work on it, he improved it in so many ways. When it was finally finished he presented it to David and gave it to him to use as he saw fit. Filled by a sense of duty to his family and a want for justice, he donned the suit and decided to fight crime as a masked vigilante. He altered the suit's appearance so his parents wouldn't recognize him if they had seen him. He never named himself, but he was popularly known as Shadow.

    Boombox vs The Sabotuer

    Mark Gacy, popularly known as Boombox was a rebellious teenage (19) mutant who dropped out of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters a few years ago. He has since joined forces with Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He was a gifted student and had amazing powers. He was able to generate and manipulate sound. He could hypnotize others with his music and shoot powerful shock waves. He could also send blasts of sound to boost him in the air allowing him to jump long distances.

    Mark wasn't super strong, but he was trained by Psylocke in Ninjistu. He was quick and agile and could perform amazing acrobatic feats. He was about 6'1" and had black hair with red dyed long sideburns. His hair was stylish but short. He was had a lean athletic build and Caucasian tanned skin. Recently, the X-men and Brotherhood have been battling outside the city recently and haven't been seen in a while. This left only a few students around to protect the city. Boombox was left behind as well to keep the students busy, so they couldn't go off to help the X-men if they were needed.

    Mark sat alone on the edge of a building looking down on to a local church. Mystique, his mentor, had told Mark to keep the other students' busy. Mark hated churches, mostly filled with self-righteous hypocrites who believed that mutants were the work of Satan. He spent a lot of time crashing congregations and scaring the crap out of the little people. His parents were also religious, but they tried to beat the mutant out of him. When he was 7 he ran away to Xavier's school and started to learn. But he always resented his parents and everything they represented. That is why he ended up with with the Brotherhood, Magneto understood the truth about humans and mutants.

    He recently heard rumors of a girl vigilante who was starting to make a little name for herself, leaving her tags all over town. Thwarting minor plans of the Brotherhood. He had tracked her to here. The tags were all around a central point and the last time she was spotted, one of his team had placed a tracer on her. He still didn't know who she was or what she looked like, but the tracer led him here. He slipped off the side of the building, his acrobatic training coming in handy. Allowing him to get down from high places safely. He started walking to the front entrance to the church which was currently holding mass.