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  1. Hello there i have recently found a liking to romance rps and would like to do another if anyone would like to join me. It would be school life kinda theme and i will not accept 18+ content in this rp. If anyone would be willing to join me id be really happy, thank you for any volunteers :D.
  2. I would also like it if the characters were child hood friends other then that other details can be added and such.
  3. Hmm..haven't done romance in a while.I'm down for it (ovo)b
  4. Thanks for joing :D
  5. Yeah ovo)b

    So..will there still be plotting for this or do you already have stuff in mind? (excluding the stuff you wrote already)

    //actually havent done one x one in forever //killed x.x
  6. I just have what i wrote down, your welcome to suggest stuff. im just more of a doer and not much of an advanced planner its not my style.
  7. Ohh, I see.Well..I dont really have anything to add. //shot xD

    So do I just post a CS here desu? .v.
  8. Ya i will make a seperate thread to rp on.
  9. Kk~ you prefer anime or real pics? (apologies for all these questions > < )
  10. Personaly i like anime pics but you can use what you want
  11. Ohh,okii.Yay~ xD

    Name: Maika Sasaki
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    Personality: Maika is often described by people as mature and independent.She is reliable and very approachable and would help anyone as best as she could,from advice giving to solving hard math problems.Despite her mature image in front of many,she can actually be rather childish around people she's most comfortable with,teasing and poking them playfully until they get annoyed,or at least until she feels like she's annoying them already.
    Other: Because of previous experiences back in childhood,she became afraid of the dark and high places.

    Is this good or does thou want me to add/remove anything? .x.
  12. No thats great now i need to think of a character too :D.
  13. Cool :3 can't wait to see it desu~
  14. [​IMG]
    Name: Stephan Patron
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Personality: kind and caring, he is very "territorial" about his friends but he is pretty timid and popular to pick on because is timid and gets very high grades so some people like making him feel bad.

    You can add on stuff to your character as the rp goes on.

    Do you think we should have them as child hood friends.
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  15. Ooh, I like him desu~ but he doesnt have a name yet.. :P
    Oh, and sure! :D
  16. Oops forgot about the name lol :D
  17. That a good name do you think?
  18. Lol yes,yes it is~ x)
  19. Ooh yay~ should we start it? .v.;;
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