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  1. Hello I have been wondering what a romance role play would be like so i decided to make one. I am looking for some one to have fun rping with but keep below 18+ content. I have never done a romance rp before so i may be bad at first but I'm a quick leaner. So would any girl out there be willing to do this romance role play test with me? (when i say test it doesnt mean ill just stop when i learn how to do a romance rp) I am grateful for any volunteers :D.

    For characters as long as its humanoid (partially human) i would be happy. For character sheet do

    Appearance (description/photo)
    Other info

    Thank you for considering :D.
  2. I'm interested! Sounds fun, and I'm a little new to romance as well, but I'm currently doing a few, of course below 18+ content. @Skyminer

    Name: Renee Venz
    Race: Human
    Age: 16-almost-17

    Personality: Renee is a gentle, compassionate girl. She loves to help people out, but one of her flaws is that she can trust others too much. Even though problems have aroused in the past due to this, she still doesn't learn and is determined to help everybody. Although she has a nice side, everybody has a bad side, and Renee is a victim of that. She can be cold and harsh when she's angry, which is the complete opposite her. Even though she's really nice to everybody, others think of her as "fake" or a "joke", thinking that her nice intentions are just tricks.

    Likes/Dislikes: Renee loves pizza and pasta, so you can find her eating it during lunch or at home. She also likes singing, being herself and music. Her dislikes include gossiping, heels/makeup/skirts oddly enough, bullies and some foods.

    Other: Most of the time, since Renee loves to be herself, you can see her dancing oddly in hallways with her headphones on. She also daydreams and sings under her breath most of the time as she walks to classes. Her favorite colors are purple and blue.
  3. thanks for doing this. Remember i'm new to the whole romantic thing and may have troubles with some things though. Well thanks for joining me i hope the roleplay turns out well :)
  4. i still need to think of a character.
  5. Sure, that's fine! I'm still a little new to romance myself :)
  6. Here's one I think you'll like.

  7. your right, that's cool i still don't know how i didn't find one i googled a lot of things.
  8. Name: Nicolas Hench

    Race: human

    Age: 17


    Personality: hes a kind person, he likes computers and physical exercise. if he gets the chance he will flirt with girls. when ever he see's some one being bullied he does his best to stop it.

    Likes/Dislikes: likes gym class, being outside, computer science, girls. dislikes bullies

    Other info: nick name: Nic, hes a jokester.
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  9. I'm Interested if you're still up for it?? willing to do under 18 romance and am quite fluent in romance roleplays. Maybe i can show you a few things through rp and hopefully help you out while having fun at the same time!!! let me know if you're interested!! I'd love to rp with you!!
  10. that could be ok but this is a one x one role play so maybe can you try to be a side character, would you be willing to do that? and thanks for the help offer.
  11. Serpentine ready to start? themetalmaiden you can join in if you want.
  12. Do you want to start it off?
  13. You could start it off if you want.
  14. Im guessing this is a city high school so i may have some problems because i go to a small town k-12 school.
  15. Oh and you know whats funny i have a friend named Renée lol (i think its é but it might be è, :) )
  16. Oh wow, that's cool! :D
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