Need female character for high school romance story!

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  1. Hello, I am doing a story about a young beautiful girl who has grown up her entire life to be bred as a future wife for an arranged marriage.
    Along the way you tend a private boarding school for important and exclusive people. Although you have a tough time fitting in since you were home schooled for most of your life, you ended up meeting 5 handsome, yet different men.
    As your wedding day creeps closer and closer you find yourself falling for one of these men!

    That is a piece of the basic story line!
    If you are willing to participate in such a story I will need your characters:

    Name (First and Last):
    Bio (you can make up a story on how your family got rich in the first place):


    1. This girl cannot know any form of martial arts (for story reasons)

    2. You have to react to every situation in a realistic way. For example if you were under attack by a swarm of flying goats that shoots lasers from their eyes there is no flipping way that your gonna be all like "I will stop those evil goats!" Heck no! Your gonna run because that's survival instincts! Kapeesh? Ok thank you!
  2. can I Use anime Pictures or nah? Cus I mostly have anime Pictures and no real ppl
  3. Im interested if youre still looking
  4. yeah im still looking just write your information below
  5. Wait (sorry bit confuzled) on the thread or pm?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.