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  1. Not a group RP, an RP group. People I can count on to join RPs and who can count on me to do the same. In short, friends :V. But anyway, I've got very niche interests (ballet and ice skating are extremely unpopular) though some aren't as niche as others (Yuri!). So, uh, any takers?
  2. Typhon is the Father of Monsters in Greek Myth.
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  3. Ah. I'm not good at mythology unless I'm the one coming up with the base myths.
  4. Do you take any form of opinion or interest in the other three RPs?
  5. The Wuxia/Wushu one.
  6. That is good to hear. Thank you.
  7. Still looking?
  8. Not really, no.
  9. Alrighty. Have fun.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.