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Discussion in 'HELP DESK' started by Astaroth, Mar 13, 2016.


    Added new tags: collaborative plot, open world, sandbox plot, shin megami tensei. (@Quincunx)

    The synonym "omegaverse" has now been added to the alpha/beta/omega tag. The synonym "circus" has been added to the carnival tag. The synonyms "angels" and "demons" have been added to the angels and demons tag. The synonyms "morrowind", "oblivion", and "skyrim" have been added to the elder scrolls tag. The synonyms "fate stay night", "grail war", and "nasuverse" have been added to the fate (type-moon) tag. The synonym "fantastic beasts (movie)" has been added to the harry potter tag. The synonyms "last airbender" and "legend of korra" have been added to the avatar (nickelodeon) tag. The synonyms "asof" and "song of ice and fire" have been added to the game of thrones tag. The synonym "mockingjay" has been added to the hunger games tag.

    The following tags have had their definitions edited to be more clear or inclusive: angels and demons, civil war, cold war, fandom: shows, harry potter.

    I also managed to find and turn off the thing that keeps overriding tag definitions with Wikipedia quotes, and fixed all the tag wiki entries. In future, hopefully, there should be no more spazzing out and overriding the given definitions (viewable here). If anyone sees a BLANK entry or something else buggy, just @ me here and I will fix them ASAP.
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  2. Thank you for all your hard work, Ozzie!
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  3. Can we get a Danganronpa tag? Or would one use murder-mystery...?
  4. One could use both! I'll get a Danganronpa tag made shortly.
  5. Can you add MxM please?
  6. We have malexmale already! c:
  7. Oh ok, thank you for telling me!