Need a son to be of yakuza heritage

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  1. Hey there everyone. Here's the deal. I've been reading a manga named Nisekoi that recently got an anime and it inspired a bit to do something like it. A summery of it in general is the son of the leader from a yakuza family has to pretend to date the daughter of the leader from a gangster family and they have to do this for three years for the two families to get along and not start an all out war. The catch is that the boy and girl actually hate each other because of the way they first met.

    What I want is to try and recreate this but instead of following the storyline I want them to eventually start to like each other and then it leads to other things which is why I'm putting this in the mature section. I need someone to be the male for this since I want to be the female. Let me know if you'd like to give this a try and if you want to check it out for yourself then just click on the name of the manga mentioned above.

    The girl I'll be using is in the spoiler.
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  3. I'm interested
    It sounds like fun! I just started reading the manga and I have to say it's quite good :)
  4. Awesome! I didn't think there'd be any takers.
  5. XD!
    Should we discuss about the plot here or PM?
  6. PM would be fine
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