Need a roleplay friend.

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Zo Hanna

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Looking for a roleplay friend to discuss dramatic plots with!

Being in the medical profession I can fit my character into most settings and sceneries, the most setting I try and use is at a bar or a club as Zoe ( Zo for short )leads a social life down the bar as she loves to party when work is not on her brain, with no current partner on the scene the chances of getting off with a bloke when drunk is quite high.

With her taking risks in work and out of work the place she works ( emergency department a&e ) gossip is always being spoken about were she is concerned.

Plots I would like to start.

* = roles I prefer.

Kidnapper - Kidnapped *
Stalker - stalked *
Abusive bloke from a one night stand -Victim *
Gang leader- Victim of choice *
Evil revenge seeking man who works for her dad - Daughter *
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