Need a Rhythm to my Tone (A song based RP)

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  1. Well hello again everyone! I'm posting because I want to try out a new form of role play (at least new to me). It's an RP formed around a song, or a few song of our choosing. This is always something I've wanted to try, and I think forming a more in depth narrative around a song could be a lot of fun. Now that being said I am more electronica inclined (aka I really like electronic music), but I am more then willing to try this idea with all types of music so long as we can both get down to it.

    Now because this is a more experimental format I don't really have any rules for how to post in the RP (but will be following Iwaku rules regardless). That's why I'm really looking for someone who would be willing to flesh this format out with me. Again the format being pick a song and make an RP to fit it.

    Oh and a few things about me and my posting habits.

    - I can post a few times a week, and a few times a day.

    - I only do M x F, but I can play both genders.

    - I love chatting and hearing my partners ideas, so please don't hesitate to say hi.

    - I really like partners who have a lot to contribute to world building.

    The Songs I've Picked Out

    Okay so here are three songs that I think are easy to build around, and a super basic idea to go with them.

    So I see this song as more of a romantic tragedy. Guy hurts girl and she isn't sure if she wants to go back to him.

    (Mature lyrics)

    This one is definitely a horror based RP. I can see this being more futuristic where an AI has been chatting with a person online and now whats to meet that person. She downloads herself into a cyborg body and finds the person she's been talking to make them love her, only to realize they don't feel the same. It's a fight to the death!

    (Mature lyrics)

    This song is very intense and screams rebellion! Perhaps two heroes are fed up with how things are being run and decide it's time for a change.
    So there we go folks! I really would like to at least try this format once to see how well it would work, and I want someone who will help me make it work. Please PM me if you're interested, or have any questions!​
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