Need a partner who can reply fast!

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  1. So I can reply often and I am looking for a partner who can do the same


    Pokemon world
    Older brother x little brother (not romance just a heartwarming RP)

    Post here if interested
  2. Okay cool, are you interested in one of the plots?
  3. Idk maybe the older brother little sister Rp
    But what is pokemon world?
  4. Just a few trainers going on their pokemon adventure, I don't really want the evil teams to get involed though
  5. What's pokemon?
    Sorry I don't get to do much Cynthia'sreally tough when it comes to a "higher education"
  6. A world with creatures you can capture and battle with
  7. Sounds amazing but I don't think I could make any creature battle each other :(
  8. Okay no problem, do you have any plot ideas?
  9. Hmmmm I was thinking about starting a dead man wonderland rp
  10. .....never heard of it haha
  11. It's pretty gory the first episode but it gets really's a link
  12. Sound cool, but this would have to be a group RP, but you should definitely doit! :)
  13. Hmm what about a survival rp
  14. What kind of survival RP?
  15. Maybe a
    2 teens discover a horrible secrets at a genetics lab and they trust any one the escape from the terrible adults
  16. Yeah be could give it a try
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.