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  1. Greetings, everyone! I (somewhat randomly) got an idea for a plot, and thought it'd be fun to roleplay said plot with someone. If you do want to RP, I'm always open to suggestions for changes; nothing's set in stone.

    But first, a couple expectations:
    • Good grammar and proper spelling would be appreciated. I don't mind a few errors, but at least make sure to proofread your posts.
    • I'd like you to be able to reply at least once a day, and if you are going to be gone for a while, please inform me.

    Anyways, as for the plot... *cue dramatic fanfare*

    When Earth's resources grew scarce, a world-wide war broke out to fight for them. The war soon turned nuclear, and the weapons destroyed most nations to the point where they were no longer habitable. When the fighting finally ceased, the survivors banded together and created a new civilization, known simply as the Empire. The Empire is a vast city-like place stretching across an expanse of land about the size of a small country, and governed by a single leader who took the title of 'president' (despite not actually being elected) and his council of representatives swayed to follow him blindly. It is a place of order and productivity, where everyone lives in identical housing, dresses in the same way, and gets paid just enough to live a simple lifestyle. Citizens are given a basic education (through high school), then assigned to jobs based off a test that evaluates their talents and taught more skills if necesary as training for their career. Individuality is practically nonexistent, and being unique or different is frowned upon.

    There were, however, some who did not join the Empire, either due to choice or misfortune, and they form a group about as large as the Empire citizens, and live in small villages to the south of it. These outsiders live a rather barbaric lifestyle with no luxuries (such as electricity), and have a general philosophy of 'survival of the fittest'.They are highly religious, believing in multiple gods, and have little scientific knowledge.

    The two groups have lived in relative toleration of one another, but now the Empire is beginning to expand, and its military forces are invading the outsiders' land. Character A is an Empire citizen who is commanding a group of soldiers from the aforemntioned military forces, while Character B is an outsider. The outsiders, including Character B, fight back, leaving Character A the only survivor of their group after a battle between the two sides, and with no way to return to the Empire. Character B and Character A wind up meeting, and though they loathe each other at first, they eventually begin to get along.

    At this point, the plot could go multiple different ways, so that will need to be discussed. The relationship between A and B is also unestablished; both friendship and romance are possibilities.

    Thanks for reading, and let me know if you're interested.
  2. I would love to try this RolePlay it sounds very interesting!!
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