Need A Morning Buddy So Im Not Bored All Morning Waiting For My Other Friends

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  1. i know i know no ones a morning person but real nearth am i my bodys just ues to walking up so early its ok if you have work but its the weekends but reay come on i understand if work at a cafe shop or something or you work at a high and mghty pleace but theris no buts i got notiwant you fird or something but realy after work you will see alerts(sorry for complaning but i need to speak my mind)

    ineed a morning buddy like some whos up at around 7shi 8shi and when ever he or she wants to log off becuse ever one is on after or even

    ideas ypost wich one you like and then pm me we wil clien tham up

    1 the spitirt ogf the forst need help of worries to save theat is trying to distroy tham he ssk for two wories to sand up to fight one form the forste and one humen (fantcesy)

    2the day is gone and the club is open but this is no odenary cludbthe spitits they clll out wait for the fun to begin bad spitis hang outbwith good spiti and the monsters under you bed come out come pocker and jakes (i think i amay make this a jump in rp but if eayone want to be Cogm im up with it i would need someone to help kick out anyoneone who miss behaves) ((moreder fantcey))

    3 ship comander haas a new thing fighting thealines with and its a robot but not just eney robot a humen robot and that the only ave us (sifi)

    4new at a job and trying to make friends with the boss turneds out to be the worst idea ever (im trying to makeit sound not like a romance but that im not going girl to kiss a all my charaters are strat sorry girls) ((moredn))

    5 this is what every you go it in mind im all ears, types ohh whatever

    you still have to post here if you dont like anything and have nothing but still want to rp with me so i can have a few mintas to think ok and gose with all of tham but 5 you pm me about the rp you want to do and the polt and the iead