Need a male teen role for Apocalyptic story

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  1. Along the sandy road the dilapidated bus kept driving, each window had railings on it to prevent the infected from reaching into the bus. As the kids sang in the vehicle, three other cars drove behind them, they were all people who'd survived the apocalypse and decided to join the other survivors.
    Radios were in each car, so that one leader may speak to another, their job was to find survivors or anything that they needed.

    Back Story: Twenty years ago there was a disease that was new to the world, top scientist of that time his name was Rick Saunders, he and a group of scientist from around the world teamed up to try and find a cure for this thing because it was killing thousands from Europe. Saunders made an experimental serum that should of destroyed the mysterious plague, but instead it mutated it...causing the dying to crave flesh. The experiment that the serum was tried on bit the scientists mutating them and killing anyone in their path, infecting billions on the way. Now mankinds hope for survival is to gather the remaining surviving scientists and wait this terrible plague out while they figure out a way to make a cure.

    Name: Ellen Myers
    Age: 16
    Personality: Logical, kind, quick on her feet
    Bio: Her family died trying to survive and get to a place that they thought was safe, however when she was the only one a member of the bus found her and took her in, she has been surviving ever since, learning how to fight.
    Favorite Weapon: Bow and arrow
    Crushes(who you like): She dosen't know yet but she's open to anything
    What she looks like(Pictures or gifs only):
    amazing_sexy_woman-t2 (1).jpg

    This is the girl who you end up meeting throughout the story. If you have any questions please message me and if you want to join please leave the following information below:

    Age(has to be teen):
    What they look like(Has to be picture or gif):
  2. image.jpg Name: Justin Iano
    Age: 15
    Personality: Stubborn, Wise, Brave, Odd, Kind, Sarcastic, Curious, but mainly cold-hearted
    Bio: Born into the plague he was raised as brave and smart to keep fighting against the plague though soon he was happy throughout his life. Though he witnessed his fathers death and he had to kill his mother. He was brought to a camp and he was cold hearted most of the time since then
  3. sold since nobody else will reply to this piece don't they know art when they see it I guess this is over played...okay so welcome and question, online or messages?
  4. Well, I was kind of interested.

    Not anymore. Never thought I'd see a 16 year old look that good either. Armageddon is a funny thing I guess.
  5. my life though ._.
  6. I don't have any questions for yiy but I had a friend over and I couldn't reply for the few days.
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