Need a Male Role for Space Pirate Role Play

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  1. Hey guys! I need a male role for a Space adventure.

    Once upon a time in the years 3,000 the Earth was deteriorated slowly from pollution. Over time the best scientists and astronauts worked together from all over the world to find a planet that was livable. They did and it was called Gaia, however...Gaia was too slowly becoming inhabitable, not because of the pollution since men and women worked together to bring some plants from home to Gaia to help them grow and repopulate.

    Humans were repopulating too much, so now the Government is planning to send more astronauts to find a new world in which to live in...but when the men were sent on their mission, they were killed because of legendary Space Pirates called the Gallion.

    To this day, nobody knows what The Space Gallions want, all they know is that men were killed each time from trying to find a new habitable planet.

    Being top rank in the space soldier academy, your job would be to pretend to be a homeless man that wants to join their side, find out the weaknesses of the ship and bring down the Legendary Gallion.
    Will you join the Gallion for their beliefs or stay on the Governments side? Your choice!

    (This particular role play is more of a steam punk/space role play with lots of adventures, i would need a character that can react just like a regular person would in a real life situation. I will also need a man who can fall in love with a character if he chooses)

    If you wish to join this role play please provide the following information below:

    Age (must be 18 years or older):
    What they look like (picture of description is fine):
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.