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  1. Hello, and first I would like to thank you for showing your interest in this particular signup by clicking this thread. My name is Teresa and I am looking for a male role in an action role play.

    Story: You and your excavation crew crew are stranded on a strange island off the East Coast of Japan within The Dragon's Triangle trying to search for The Lost Island of Yamatai.
    However, you guys figure out your not alone! This island is more danderous than it looks and in order to figure out more of whats going on you need to find answers within the strange island.


    1. You need to make your characters reactions convincing. I want you to feel as if you were actually there, write how you would react in every situation!

    2. No one liners! Do your best to make your writing as detailed as possible

    3. I need someone to reply often in this particular story, twice a day at the least

    4. Once your in this story you need to see it all the way through! I don't need people quitting during the role play. So remember to only reply if your interested and committed in this.

    5. Try to keep an open mind about romance, it is allowed in here.

    If you wish to join this role play then please leave your characters:

    Age (has to be at least 18):
    What they look like (please put picture):
  2. I am interested in, I suppose I'll make a character...but I'm going to make a few assumptions in my BIO because this "story" you wrote out is sorta lacking. >.>

    Name: Fujimoto Kenta, B.F.A.
    Age: 24
    Appearance: (I hope anime is alright. =\)

    Personality: Fuji is a Thinker, a fresh college graduate who absolutely hates dealing with idiots. He generally keeps to himself, although he does not mind solving problems or instructing people about various things, when asked. He adores making discoveries, strategies and solving puzzles of all kinds, to the point where the first thing he packs when going on trips is a Riddles and Puzzles booklet. He has major authority issues, especially with incompetent leaders, so he almost always finds himself leading groups. When asked how he would describe himself, he merely stated, "One cannot describe perfection."
    His Theme

    Bio: Fujimoto Kenta was a perfect student, through and through. He grew up in a very wealthy Japanese household in a wealthy town in Michigan, U.S.A., but his upbringing was anything but smooth. He sacrificed social interaction for studying and puzzles, constantly seeking out challenges to the extent that he often pulled all-nighters, even as a young boy. Throughout middle school, his parents sent him to a therapist, worried about his antisocial behavior, but the therapists' efforts did nothing but annoy the young Fujimoto Kenta. He only bothered to talk to his parents and his teachers, casting aside his classmates as "pathetic!....all jerks and idiots!" Once he graduated High School with a stellar diploma, he moved off to Harvard to major in Anthropology.

    His ideal education was messed with when he reached his junior year of college, and encountered a visiting Japanese Anthropologist. The man's name was "Unimportant" but he offered Fujimoto a position on a future expedition, provided the boy learn more about the language, history and culture of Japan. The boy decided that, ultimately it would be better to take the opportunity, so he reluctantly accepted the man's offer, receiving only a business card in promise for the future.

    Skip ahead three years to the very next opportunity Fujimoto was able to contact the Japanese Anthropologist again. He had received his diploma as a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and had accomplished the requirements for the job. To his surprise, an entirely different man answered the call after his 5th try, speaking fluent Japanese. The previous Japanese Anthropologist was declared missing after an expedition gone wrong, but the new anthropologist declared that he was the substitute for the next planned expedition - The Lost Island of Yamatai.

    Fujimoto was thrilled to know that he was getting a substitute instead of the actual director, but the replacement had better credentials, and sounded older, so he assumed it was alright. He was scheduled a flight to Yokohama, Japan soon after his call and, after arriving, was immediately welcomed and given housing for the first week as the final plans and supplies were being organized for the expedition. Fujimoto adapted to the new culture fairly quickly, got a pile of puzzle and riddle magazines for the long journey ahead, and, after submitting the last of his paperwork to the U.S. Embassy and his employer, he was all set and ready to go...

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