Need a Male role for a action/romance story

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  1. Hey everyone! So I was thinking about doing a roleplay about you being a worldwide known thief that works with this man named Johnathan Kieth, he has been tracking a treasure that was buried by a queen in japan called Queen Himeko. Your job was to translate Japanese so that your team could track the treasure.
    Unfortunately you fall in love with John's girlfriend Maria Mendez who plays hard to get with you at first but then comes around.
    During you trying to sneak around to see her you find out that your boss is an evil man who plans to use the money to fund an upcoming war between all continents.
    The only way to stop him would be to figure out Queen himeko's messages and get to the treasure before your boss does.

    If you wish to sign up then please leave the following information below or message me this:

    Age(needs to be in between 20-30 years old):
    What they look like:
  2. okay, do you want to do this over messages?
  3. Sorry, I don't think I'll be able to do this, please ignore my previous post.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.