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  1. I posted here a few days ago with a vague idea. In the last few days, I have ironed out a couple of details about the plot and wanted to see if I had anyone interested.

    The setting could be anywhere from medieval to 1800s and the setting should be in Europe, it doesn't really matter which country we start in. In this history, there are several ruling families throughout Europe that have held prodigious power and respect throughout the lands. They have kept the peace and ruled their lands in the way they see fit. Each family is different and commands respect and authority in different ways. Throughout time, some of the families have gone extinct due to war, murder, and jealousy.

    It is said that the vast number of families must marry someone of blood from another family. This is to keep their elevated status, encourage strong relationships with the families, and keep evil and dark secrets away. Each family has a talisman. Some families have necklaces, medallions, coins, etc. Each of these talismans holds the mark of each family (rabbit, sheep, dragon, bear, etc.) If a child is born between a royal family and a base born human, a curse is unleashed upon the family. The next born is cursed physically (deaf, mute, blind, etc.) and cursed with the eminent destruction of their family line.

    This was the fate for one of the greater families in the realm. A son was born of a base marriage. The father married a woman believing the curse to be untrue. Now the family home is in shambles and few remain to support the failed prince.

    However, a girl escaping the cruelty of her home runs to the woods to find a new life. It is by happenstance that she comes across the castle.

    Easily this plot can expand if we enjoy it. There are many other families and personalities to discover and I wouldn't mind working with someone who wants to be creative with the plot, or anything like that!

    Message me here or at my e-mail

    I would be happy to hear from you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.