Need a Male part for a mystery-adventure Role Play!

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  1. I need a male role willing to play a private investigator.

    You have been summoned by a group of mysterious men to bring a girl to them. She lives in a enchanted Rhelm in a underground city known as The City of Terra. However what you didn't expect was a army of men...keeping her locked up?
    In this wild adventure you uncover secrets to the mysterious city, find out what you must do to stay alive and see where your conscious takes you!

    Please Message or post on the bottom your Male characters:

    What he looks like:
    Background Info:
    Choice of Weapon:
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  2. Name: Derrick Osgood

    Age: 36

    Appearance: Short blonde hair, brown stubble, blue eyes. Solid, muscular frame. Scar running from right eyebrow to mid cheek. Caucasian

    Background Info: Once a bright, young Interpol agent with a promising future, Derrick stumbled on his way,dealing with a drug addiction and the divorce with his wife, Sarah. All alone, Derrick took on the title of Private Detective in order to provide for his second wife and his new step-son. When a man came to him and offered him this job, he saw a way to shot to the top. After all, how hard could finding a girl be?

    Personality: Soft spoken and reserved for the most part, will get vocal when necessary, will protect those he cares about with his life.

    Choice of weapon: Colt Python, M4A1 Assault rifle, fists
  3. Name: Richard O'malley

    Age: 31

    Appearance: 5'10" Brunette hair cut short. Brunette "major" style mustache with some stubble everywhere else facial hair grows.

    Background info: A single man (never married) who's very dedicated to his job. Ex-military officer with more than a decade's experience as a PI. His work in the military has made him a bit harsh, if not slightly edgy, but in the end he always means well.

    Preferred Weapon: 9mm, .45 Magnum, or pump action shotgun
  4. I like all of your characters but I think that I should give the part to The Last Outlaw
  5. Hooray!, thanks for giving me the spot, make sure you send me the link to the RP.
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