Need a Male for an Adventure/Fantasy Role play!

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  1. I need a Male for an adventure and fantasy roleplay if anyone is interested please message me with the following information

    What mythical creature are you?:
  2. what kind of adventure?
  3. A city in the sky, the city is collapsing and you have a mission to get this mysterious girl over to these men you just met
  4. Or we can discuss one we can do together
  5. borderlands 2... sorry but city in the sky always reminds me of of that game. any ways sounds fun but a bit to cheesy for my liking sorry
  6. i wouldnt mind discussing 1 pm me?
  7. Well message me and tell me what you like, we can work out something I'm flexible
  8. will do in a bit
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.