Need a male for a furry/adventure/romance Roleplay

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  1. Hey guys!!
    I was hoping do so this specific plot with someone!

    Plot 1: Being a constant hero and saving citizens of his city from his genius brother (who constantly makes robots and other evil gadgets to try and take him down) and a fan of the ladies, his life was perfect!! Especially with some friends on the side! And his best friend? A cute little snow fox named Alex who loves inventing different gadgets to help his friends in their quests to beat the horrible creatures out there...
    However the poor heroes world turns upside down when he finds out that Alex had been a girl the whole time!!
    Trying to get used to this, he finds himself becoming wildly attracted to the female, will he resist his urges?
  2. I'm willing to try this.
  3. Alright message me the following information about your character

    Looks (Picture please):
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