Need a Male character for a action/mystery/horror role play

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  1. Summary of story:
    You find yourself scared and confused as you wake up in an hospital bed. This particular hospital looked old and abandoned until you step outside. It wasn't just the hospital that was dilapidated, it seemed as if every piece of the city you woke up from was the same way! With all of this raising questions as well as loosing your memory completely, you meet a young woman who seems to know whats going on around this apocalyptic environment. Will your questions be answered about who you are? What your doing here and what happened to you?
    Answers come in many different types of ways and you show us more than wanting to know who you are! You end up trying to make the best of a bad situation!

    If you wish to join this role play I will need your:

    What the character looks like:
    Relationship Status (your character):

    Name: Claire Burnhart
    Age: 21
    Personality: Stubborn and sometimes a hothead. Claire has a heart of gold and always does her best to make logical decisions.
    Bio: Claire grew up with a once loving family until they all dissapeared. She had two brothers and a younger sister. After everyone suddenly dissapeared Claire had to fend for herself for two years in the city.
    What the character looks like:
    Relationship Status: Single
  2. I can do it if you pm me
Thread Status:
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