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  1. With @Demonswordsman

    We all have past selves... Past lives. They're in the past with no chance at interceding each other in anyway. Then again... What if you were that person from the past? What if you were able to fall into the past and experience it all for yourself?

    I wouldn't believe it's by choice, either.
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  2. The alarm went off, a groggy hand smacking around the side table as the music tones blared throughout the room. Eventually the hand succeeded in it's mission, silencing the infernal device before turning over and returning to her sleep. A half-hour passed before the groggy girl turned back around, picking up the phone that had earlier went off and glancing at the time. After a few tired blinks of her brown-green eyes, a gasped escaped from the girl as she jumped out of the bed, flying across the room.

    "I'm going to be freaking late!" she hollered, slamming open and close her closet and dresser doors. "I can't believe I didn't press snooze! The hell is wrong with me!" The dishwater blonde blurred around the room, then into the kitchen to grab a drink, before disappearing out the door at a dead sprint.

    A few minutes later, she stopped and bent over to catch her breath from the run. "I need a shortcut," she murmured, the city sidewalks overcrowded for the morning to make it easy for her trek. "Here!" She promptly turned and walked away from the crowded streets and into the alleyway. The city crowds made her uncomfortable to begin with. "I shouldn't be as late, now."
  3. As the early rays of the morning sun filled the kingdom one specific knight was training with a dummy. "If the damn general wanted me to save the freakin' day again he should have really given me the bomb" The sliver eyed knight growled under his breath, as the dummy's head was quickly chopped off in with the knight groaning in frustration. "Great now I'm gonna have to fix that.....later" He sat down on one of the many benches sheathing his sword, He quickly made his way to a closet in the training yard and grabbed the sewing kit behind the many brooms then quickly fixing the dummy and returned the kit. "Something not right" The raven black haired knight looked around not liking the looming atmosphere.

    Walking to the forges, he immediately walked over to the grindstone and sharpened his sword. "Why can't the king see the impending war with the neighboring kingdom" He shook his head with disappointment, then examined his sword to check if it reached his expected sharpness. "Perfect now I can chop someone's head off" he laughed at his sadistic joke, then quickly sheathing his sword and jogged back to his room, grabbing his guitar and left for a hill that over looked the kingdom.

    With the breeze blowing he sat down and played his guitar singing softly not knowing small animals came and some rested on his lap. "Maybe it was a mistake joining the army" He sighed.
  4. Kurureenu continued on her way toward work, having the need to turn around and take another direction with a couple of dead ends that she had come across. The girl muttered profanities every time before going off on her merry way. "Looks like I won't be getting to work on time," she grumbled as she kept her pace up.

    Then something caught her eyes. Privy to finding shiny things, the girl stopped and backed up, bringing the occurrence back into view. It was different... It looked similar to how heat radiates during the summer. The waves that, if you look hard enough, could be seen by the naked eye. This, though, was more disturbed. A mix between those heatwaves and a still pool of water that had just been disturbed out of its rest.

    Curious, she stepped closer to this phenomenon. What was this thing?
  5. As the knight sat there contented for a few minutes before a horn was blown. "Training now?!" He got up, quickly making his way back and soon as he did he lined up like the rest and the captain of the guards came up to them. "Men I want to see your best remember the king wants the best of the best to be royal guards!" He said with a stern face, Making the knight inwardly sigh making the captain turn to him. "Aki Yoshimitsu" The captain called, the knight slightly startled stepped froward with a salute. "Sir" Aki stood straight, the captain walked over to him. "I would like to see how well your training went so a little spar yes?" The captain smirked, Aki surprised by this but none the less nodded and the two drew their swords.

    "Give it your all" The captain ordered, Aki grinning slightly charge at him in hopes to jab his captain but was quickly blocked. "Too easy I must say cap'in" Aki smirked, as he elbowed him in the side and swiftly punching his gut making the captain yelp. "I shouldn't have underestimated you Aki" the captain groaned and yielded.

    The training resumed with swords clashing, metal against metal, sweat beaded down his face and soon he sat down on one of the benches. "It's gonna be along day" he ran his fingers through his raven black hair, unknown to the sound of the royal trumpet.
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