Need a guy to do horror-action story!

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  1. Your a high school student that lives an everyday life, until one day you stumble upon a secret governmental facility thats still running in...a toy factory? Apparently though, nobody want's you to know about! In this action filled story you find out the dark secret behind the governmental facility and what they are trying to do! There will be mystery, adventure, drama and some messed up physiological stuff in here!

    If you wish to sign up please post on the bottom

  2. Name: Yuri Vorobjov
    Age: 16
    Bio: Yuri came from a small town, and after getting bullied he started working on himself, he's doing pretty okay now, and has finally settled down at his new school, after moving.
    Personality: funny, honest, loyal, a bit of a loner, but overall an okay guy.
    Other: Yuri can sometimes lash out, but that is because of the fact he got bullied and pushed around so much.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.