Need a Gentleman For My Lady

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  1. So I have this new character that needs some lovin’. I’ve posted her profile in my blog HERE, so take a look and see if you might be interested in roleplaying with moi ^_^

    Now what I’m looking for is, in this case, a gentleman character. I don’t mind if there’s and age difference of ten years or so, but I don’t think I’d want to go over that. Personality and such I will leave up to you, my lovely potential partner! As for plots, I have one in mind even though I don’t have it listed in the blog post for my lady character. It’s a rough plot and will certainly need some work, so I would love someone who could help me polish it up with some of their own ideas and what not. So don’t be afraid to suggest things (if we've gotten to that stage of course!).

    In terms of posting, I try to post as regularly as I can. I am in school but I do love to write and create stories as a form of stress relief from that busy schedule. However, that busy schedule can prevent me from posting for a few days. If you prefer having a post at least once a day then you may have to skip over my little thread here. I can post at the very least every second day, however like I said during busy times it could be longer. I’ll always keep in touch when I can of course, just to let you know when I might be able to post next. (Although currently, things have slowed down slightly. I’m still a wee bit busy, but not nearly as busy as I was up until a day ago).

    This brings me to my next point, don’t be afraid to chitchat with me outside of the roleplay. I like to think it helps with the plotting process, which never really ends until the roleplay itself ends. Plus you make a new friend that way. Long story short, I like to talk and hopefully you do too!

    My expectations for you as a partner would be the same as what I’ve said I’d do. Not everyone is in school, but they do have lives. I’m not going to expect a reply every day when I wake up, but if that happens then awesome! Just keep in touch (if you can) if you’re going to be a little bit. I would love at least three nicely done paragraphs; give me enough information to sink my teeth into so that I can make a decent reply for you. I would love, love, LOVE it if you could use proper grammar and punctuation. I’m not a robot and I’m going to assume you are either; just make sure I can understand it and we’re golden. Don’t be afraid to throw in a twist or two…or three or more. I like surprises but just make sure it all makes sense with the flow of the story we craft.

    That’s about it. If you’re interested just shoot me a PM and we can chat about it some more. Thanks for reading all of that!

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  2. Hello, I really enjoy playing gentlemen. While I have several old characters that would match your requirements quite nicely, I believe altering one to make him more out going would be good as having two people that don't trust easily can make things difficult. Of course sometimes its from that difficulty that the best stories emerge.

    I also strongly believe in OoC communication, as I like to make sure I understand the rules of the RP and the world it takes place in, plus feedback is good for me as I'm also not a robot. So feel free to PM me and we can tailor a gentleman to suit your needs.

    Oh right and I have a part time job, But I check my computer constantly when I'm home.
    I will not take offense if you decline due to my writing, thank heavens for spell and grammar check.
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  3. Oh excellent, why don't you shoot me a PM with the character you had in mind (you can alter him if you wish). I'll also reply with my general plot idea so that we can both form a plot we enjoy.