need a few rp ideas.

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romance, mature, action, adventure, war or ask me about some you might think of.
I need help coming up with a few rps need somthing to write about. Just need a basic title to go off of. Please help me. ....


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High fantasy is my personal favorite, followed closely by modern fantasy and post-apocalyptic, but I can happily play in any genre if the plot is good enough.
This doesn't belong here. :D The help desk is for bugs, troubleshooting, and BBcode tests, not roleplay ideas.

But here's a helpful pointer anyways. You don't need an idea to find someone to roleplay with.

If you want to do a one on one, just post a thread in the General Partner Request that tells a bit about you, but doesn't have any ideas. If people like the way you write, they'll still contact you, even if you don't have an idea.

If you want to join a group roleplay, go look through the Signup subforums and find one that interests you.

If you want to start a group roleplay, go do the same thing as the one on one, except in the Interest Check forum. Pick a genre, find a few dedicated people, and see what you can build.
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