Need a female partner

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  1. Roleplay is about a pervert who has a
    This can be a love story or a awful, sad story.

  2. Name: Saito
    Appearance: th_noob.jpg
  3. Do I get to be a slave?
  4. Hello?
  5. Sorry this roleplay got taken, but we can do another roleplay, if you want.
  6. Certainly! I just want to be in a submissive position.
  7. Okay, any ideas?
  8. Usually anything where i'm a slave who just gets tossed around~
  9. Lol i like your style. How about Kidnapper X Princess
  10. YES!
  11. Okay, add info.
    Name: Saito
    appearance: th_noob.jpg
  12. Wondering if you could do a daddy daughter sorta kinda rape Role play with me