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  1. All right, let me get something straight here. If you're going to show promise, and then just disappear, I really can't accept you. I understand that people have real lives, and have to attend to them. Real life a priority, and if it only means a few posts each day/every few days, I will understand. However, I don't want to wrack my brains for a plot and insane twists, only to have the thing die before anything happens. At least give me a heads-up before you go off and do whatever. I would, if I was to be absent. It's common courtesy, so I hear.
    Anyway, on with the terms and conditions.

    • No, under ANY circumstances, vampires or werewolves. No ifs, no buts, I don't even care if they're proper vampires and werewolves. I will be having NONE of it.
    • No huge age differences. I can't work well with that, it doesn't settle with me.
    • I can't play females or adults - not by choice, I just don't know if I could break my current mindset - being normal is hard enough. Characters will have to be in their mid/late teens.
    • Already in two academy RPs, don't even think about it.
    • I'm limited in what I'll do for fan-based ones. For the reference, if you settle on any of the following, a new location and original characters are a must: Chrome Shelled Regios, Earl and Fairy, Disgaea (only played Disgaea DS, pardon my lack of knowledge on it), Monster Hunter. I'd have loved to set up a Homestuck RP, but frankly, it would take a massive amount of organisation between people, and my CBox doesn't work at all.
    • If you want to do a romance RP, cool beans, I'll play along. But it can't be a cliché, run-of-the-mill romance thing. Best friends who have yet to confess? Seen it. Crossing ranks? Old news. Crossing the social divide? This isn't even worth a comment.
    • Put effort into your posts. I am NOT going to tolerate posts like "Bob walked to the shops and bought a bag of apples. He gave the bag of apples to his friend and said "Here are your apples." People have varying skill levels, and I will accept that. However, please, for the love of all that is unholy, make sure your that your grammar is at least decent...

    Well, that should just about cover it. We'll discuss things here, if you want to RP with me. I'd start by whittling down your genre preferences.
  2. I'd love to join you for a 1x1 rp. Do you have any idea's that you feel would work? Please Message me if interested.
  3. I'd love to RP with you! I understand the 'promise then it dies' thing. I have an entire plot mapped out, and they never show!
    I love Romance ones, and the cliche ones are something i get tired of. But, i only keep it PG-13, i don't do innapropriate things.
    I adore twists. They surprize me and i have to think harder. They excite me.
    I suck at playing male, I prefer female!

    :D Private Message me if your interested :D
  4. Was... Was this part INVISIBLE to people? Does my request to discuss it here mean NOTHING? Oh, never mind, requests are now closed.
  5. I'd want to join in an RP with you! :'D