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  1. So, someone backed out of a incest group RP that I had going in the Libertine section. The rest of the characters and I would love to continue this RP, but we wanted to see if we could get someone to fill the spot. The spot is for the oldest brother of the group and I will be putting the original bio on here also so that you can see what the character was like. If you are interested please message me. The red text is about that character.

    Plot is as follows:

    Four brothers (18 (C1), 22 (C2), 24 (C3), 25 (C4)) have always been closer than your average siblings. It started out when C4 took a liking to C2. At first it was innocent, just a little touching and kissing here and there nothing too extreme. The feelings built and they started sleeping together thinking that they were under everyone's noses. C3 found out and threatened to tell unless he got in on it. Soon the three spent more time in the bedroom with each other than with anyone else. C1 came of age and was quickly dragged into the ring. The brothers decided that when they moved out that they would all move in together living under one roof. This allows them to spend the time with each other that they want. There are no distinct partners up until this point. They just fuck whoever they feel like at the time. However, C2 is developing deeper feeling for C4 and wants to be his one and only. Will his jealousy ruining everything or will they break into couples and continue to live harmoniously?

    Characters: C1- 18 years old (seke)
    C2- 22 years old (uke) - taken by me
    C3 - 24 years old (seke)
    C4 - 25 years old (seke)

    And here is his bio:
    Jareth Fisher Winslow
    age 25
    Personality: Often since he is the eldest he Likes to treat the other with a bit more protection as they require. He also never thinks he is wrong since he is the eldest but , in that matter he is indeed wrong. He is also very open, and Has always allowed his brother to talk to him about anything, even the sex related matter's. He tries to be there for all his brother's as much as he can , but after a while being around them all he Discovers that his connection with them may be more then brotherly love. A very Blunt person as well , in a funny way, if he wants something he will tell you, the same way he told Caden that he wanted to teach him something About sex and kissing, that something grew till it was taught behind Closed doors.
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Thread Status:
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