Need a buddy

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  1. Greetings all!

    Since I am apparently on WAY too much, I am able to keep up with my Rps. (Yes, I check on my subscribes, and it is FULL my my name on the "last to post" section. T.T)

    I am hoping for someone who may be on a bit more often who'd be willing to RP with me. I have taken the lead on a few, but I think I want to not be the one with the main plot line thing going on. I want to be the assistant! (Golly, I hope I'm making sense.)

    Anyway, anyone looking for someone to RP with that will be on almost daily? I am honestly open to just about anything. I am trying to do different types of characters. If you have an idea and want someone to try it with, definitely hit me up! I am up for just about anything (except yaoi or yuri. I am sorry.) I can do modern, fantasy, sci-fi, a mix, and I will be happy.

    Romance good too. *wink*

    Anyone up? Please?
  2. I have to admit I'm interested. I log in multiple times a day but there never seems to be anything for me to do. I have a bit of a preference for modern/realistic romance, so if you wanted to, I wouldn't mind starting one up. :)
  3. Of course! I am definitely interested. Do you prefer PM to talk about story etc?
  4. Yeah, I'll send you a message.
  5. Fantastic. ^.^