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  1. Ok I need someone to do a 1x1 RP with me.
    I crave something with a good plot. I do have a few ideas...
    I would prefer that you give good posts not these one liners that make it hard for the other person to give an answer to, yes we all have our bad days....but still a paragraph at least.
    Now if your good with grammar, please by all means let me know if I have done something wrong, I still struggle with that time to time even 6 years after graduating.
    I am a female, and I like to play female. But I will play a male part if needed.
    I would like something suspenseful, like maybe a family on the run from someone (or people) out to kill them for something say the father saw happen?
    I don't know I am still playing with ideas in my head, but hit me up if your interested. I am dying for a good RPing partner.
    I would love to have romance in it. I put it in the libertine section because if I can find a good person who would like to RP about something along the lines of that I would want romance in it.
    I will NOT do rape or incest.
    I do not mind doing FxF but I mainly like to stick to MxF.
  2. I'm interested. I have a plot idea...

    Also your siggy creeps me out. Or she is that unfortunate person that didn't realize that she had something around her mouth after eating something like cake.
  3. That is a zombie Marilyn Monroe. :D
    I am very interested any plot ideas you can throw into the mix there :D
  4. Plot idea for family on the run:

    a family is on the run from the IRA (Ireland Rebel Army) and no matter where they go, they are being tracked by two assassins. However, one of those assassins are not an assassin at all; but an undercover agent secretly. However, the eldest sister happens to catch him one day, sick of running. But they can't stop to question him, more IRA members are after them so they take the man hostage. They can't turn to the government, it's corrupted. They don't believe him when he says he's an agent, but the more the girl is around him, the more she begins to understand something; he's telling the truth and saving this family just might save his. Together, they all have to pull together to save one another.
  5. I like it. I do not know much about Ireland, which stinks on me because my ancestors are from there but anywhooooo I am totally into the idea you have. And it sounds like there could be a hint of romance there...What part are you interested in playing?
  6. The agent; I can't play a woman to save my life. Your characters don't have to be from Ireland, perhaps they made a trip, fucked up big time so badly that the IRA followed them. Maybe they hit someone close to them, and it was deemed an accident and they were sent back to America, but the person was crippled for life and wanted revenge and etc.
  7. I would love to play the female part (s) because I am all around better at playing females anyway! LOL Like hit how? The American family did it? I feel stupid for asking that but better to be on the same page rather than lost off in the forest pretending I am in wonderland!
  8. With a car on vacation.

    I'd prefer the eldest to be collage age, I won't do teen love stories.

  9. And yes, the American family.
  10. Yes I love the idea. And I prefer college age too, because well...whats the fun in a love story when you do it under 18?? You cant really DO anything anyway without sounding like a f**king freak! SO with that my character will be 21. :D Legal to drink, and it not be weird that she is on vacation with her family! So thread or PM?
  11. Thread, I really don't like via PM but I put up with it. Won't do mature over PM to protect myself.

    So, why don't you post first? Maybe arriving back into the US?
  12. Wait I forgot about character sheets. Hold on and I'll make one.
  13. Alright I will go make the thread, I will put it in the 1x1 section and post the URL here when I get it finished. I think we should start with a simple CS so we know who and what we are working with. For now I will only put up the daughter's actual CS the rest of her family I will just NPC.
  14. You do realize that if you put it in the 1 on 1 section, we can't do mature? I'm fine with that actually, just wanted to let you know.
  15. Haha No I wasn't honestly paying much attention to that hiccup there. But you know I am fine with it too. I am fine with fade to black. Romance can happen, but we don't have to go so far as outright sex.
  16. Well the fade to black, everyone knows what happens then. LOL
  17. ((Glad to hear it. BTW, I am working on my written descriptions, so no picture for mine. Many apologies))

    Character Name

    Seamus O'Brant

    Name Meaning







    Human, Irish





    Place of Birth

    London, England

    Current Residence

    Dublin, Ireland


    He doubles as a member of the IRA and a secret agent


    He went to a boy's school in his childhood, graduated from multiple colleges before getting his job(s)


    Peter O'Brant (father, deceased), Ruth O'Brant (mother)







    He has short auburn hair that is always spiked up



    Distinguishing Marks

    He has a snake tattoo on his left arm (a), and a wolf tattoo on the other (b)
    [​IMG](a), [​IMG](b)

    He's also got scars across his chest, and a huge bullet wound scar on his midsection.

    General Appearance

    He stands about five foot eleven and has pale skin. He has blue eyes and thick auburn eyebrows to match his thick auburn hair. He's got the start of a beard that connects from the circle beard around his mouth to the sideburns leading up to his hair. He's got some what of broad shoulders, muscular but not too. He's built pretty, that's for sure. He wears a black tux coat, a dark grey vest, a white button up dress shirt with a rope like neck tie, and black dress shoes


    He's very, very fast. He's a quick hit, an excellent kick boxer.


    He is not that strong to be honest, he has to rely on his swiftness.





    He has everyone fooled in the IRA, and they all think he's their great friend. But he doesn't consider any of them to be his friends.


    His foes are too many to count...let alone name.

    Current Goal/Purpose

    Protect the American family without blowing his cover.


    Save his mother from the influence of the IRA, retire from both groups and live somewhere quiet and peaceful.
    Likes: He really loves indie music and rock music like Flogging Molly, various kinds of foods, kind people. Just to let on a little bit of him.


    Broccoli; he hates it. He actually hates the IRA and being an agent, he never actually wanted to be a field agent.


    He's a great tactician, and is really good with people for the most part.


    Terrible with animals and kids.



    General Personality

    Secretive and mysterious, he's got a really bad serious streak in him. He's cold at first, but grows on you once he starts to start to trust you. He's strong and stubborn, yet he seems to care more than people would guess. He's loyal, and determined to protect those he loves. He's really kind when it comes down to it.

    Biggest Regret

    Letting his mother get caught up in this mess.






    Special Items
    He keeps a picture of his mother in his pocket to constantly remind him of the reason that he is fighting.

    Hand Guns



    General History
    He grew up in London, England. But he and hiss mother moved to Dublin when he was eight after his father died in a car accident. He went to a boy's school, but never really made any friends. He was a quiet kid, and nobody really enjoyed his company. He graduated early with honours and went to college. He was hired on as an agent, and went on multiple assignments before he was told to pose as an IRA soldier. One night he let slip his mother's name and the IRA have been watching her, so much that an IRA member is always stationed at his mother's home. He was told that the supervision wouldn't be needed if he tracked down the American family who ran over the leader's personal friend and killed, their full trust would be given. But he had orders to keep the family safe, and whether he liked it or not, he agreed they needed to be protected.

  18. My god you made my CS look like I just walked out of kindergarten. Bravo my friend BRAVO. Nice looking CS. Would you like to start?
  19. Working on it. Mind if I station this in Brooklyn?
  20. I do not mind at all!
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