Need 1x1 partners ALMOST anything is possible

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  1. Hey me looking for 1x1 partners. I'm up for about anything, from a complete fluffy 'perfect' romance chick flick type ordeal all the way to rape/torture/ and lots of blood and gore. I'm am up for any pairing though ask me about lesbian/gay for I'm not very experienced in ether so your willing to teach/help me learn that be great. No text type please and no one liners please. I'm not big on fandoms but if you wan 1 it must be with OC only. Other than that pm me or reply here and i'll pm you to discuss a plot. No i don't have any plots i'm specifically looking for so I'm open to anything you want to throw at me. Also i like to keep the rp's in pm's cause I'm more comfortable with ding 1x1 rps in pm's. Also i prefer to rp with people 18+ So i might deny you if your under 18. Oh!, 1 more thing ask me about any fetishes please so there there is no awkward discomfort or anything.

    Other thing is if you no longer want to continue the rp please tell me and also how often you can post. thank you!
  2. Hi I'm interested in rping with you!
    Pm me :)
  3. Im interested >.<
  4. Bump! common people, there has to be a rp you always wanted to do?
  5. hey still looking for more rp partners :)
  6. Bump, still looking for people to rp with :)
  7. desperately looking for rp partners then i find you. im defenitely interested pm me.
  8. Still looking, feel free to pm me or post here
  9. Bump, Still looking
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.