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  1. Aurellia (open)
    Name: Aurellia Auren
    Nationality: Australia
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 126
    Appearence: [​IMG]

    Incrased Speed, Agility, Toughtness, Strength, Stamina (Basic Mutation.) Regneration (Base Viral Attribute.)

    Special Mutation:

    Screeching Howl: Releasing a massive howl of ear splitting strength it can paralyze any nearby individuals wether it is Virals or Humans. Leaving them dizzy and incapacitated.

    Bodily Transfiguration: Due to the advanced Mutation her body is able to change to react to the needs facing her. Only Limbs at this time of the mutation can change. Her blood can harden making a bond stronger than steel allowing for protection. -Takes time to do the stronger the form.

    Night Haunter: Her Viral infection spreads to her eyes allowing her to see in all spectrums. She is able to at will change the spectrum she wishes to see making her able to move easily at night or day without an issue.

    Personality: Will RP

    Bio: Will RP (Its more fun to get the characters to know each other.)

    It is the year 2021 and the world is nearing the brink of technological and MicroBiological Harmony. A master drug is being tested that will allow the human body to regenerate using a Virus's genetic reshuffleing to recode the human Genome. In Theory and in hopes it will allow the human body to adapt to new enviroments much like a Virus will reshape its Wall to survive in new areas. All of this did not go as plan.

    In the year 2022 the drug was entering the experimental phases. In following the scientific protocal all previous tests on animals had come back sucessful. The body's used were regenerated after showing signs of massive harm. All signs of these tests showed the results sought after. The Drug entered the next phase of testing. Within this next phase came the test subjects.

    It has been six days since 200 people were selected through a lottery to become the first group to recieve the drug. Each of these individuals below the age of eighteen and at the peak of physical strength. It has been 24 hours since the first group of those injected fell ill and died within 24hours.

    Six hours ago those that had died were brought back to life by the Drug. Unknown to the Scientists the strain Virus upon which it was built came out of its dormant state and began to spread across the human body. All 200 people were no longer dead leaving the scientists baffled as to what had happened. It was this way for three hours untill those that came back began to rise from the cells they were placed in when they died.

    Three hours Ago- The Virus within 198 of the individuals have replicated quickly causing mass regeneration within the host body. The downside of these symptoms have left the individuals minds in a half life. The Virus itself beginning to take control of the body causing mass pyschological draw backs. Now with the Virus in control of these bodies the evolutionary change began to swarm within. The Virus itself did what it always had done.... It began to seek out new hosts for which to replicate.

    Two Hours Ago- The cell's were opened by an unknown agent realeasing the Virus infected individuals into the facility causing mass panick. All but two individuals remained within their cells. The infected passed over them due to the Virus working through their systems. The infected thought that these individuals harbored the same virus as they and simply let them alone.

    Unknown to the Virus infected and driven individuals these two teens were unique beyond count. The Virus to these two had done what it was to do and beyond. It had reacted to their AB Blood type in a way completely beyond the now infected Scientists wildest dreams. The Virus was taken over and assimilated into the subjects cells. The two types of organism merged into a singular and geneticly altered individual. It is within this new strain that these two rise back to life with their bodies still changing.

    Wracked with pain but still very much alive. Now with the Virus part of them they will change more than ever predicted. Their muscles reinforced by the virus's regenerative and structural strength their bodys are now several times stronger than ever though. Their skin soft yet tough as stone. Both of them changing into somthing beyod a humans natural capability. Combining Natures toughest living things with natures most cunning creatures. Viral and Human in nature they change much like their enviroment.....

    Present Time:

    The noises of sparking could still be heard Aurellia suddenly jolting up. She felt her heart beating faster than it did before but it did not thump or make any noise like she remember it did. It was dark but she felt like her eyes were open. It was then that she saw clear as day the scene infront of her. Blood covered the outside hallway leading out of her cell. The noise of a speaker blasting could be heard as red lights flashed constantly. A figure stood in the middle of the room like a statue. Its face partially covered in blood.

    Aurellia turned her head and called out "Hello! Help me!" She said as her eyes began to go crazy as they adjusted to the dark as if it was clear as day. The pain shot through her as the virus reacted to the pain her newly changed eyes caused her. Within seconds the pain was suppressed and she saw through the man as if her eyes were sending out and recieveing X-Rays. Without her knowledge the figure in the hallway turned towards her and began to walk oddly. She got up off of the bed slowly and saw that there was a decent bit of blood where she had laid. Without considering it she looked back to the figure walking towards her.

    When her eyes switched wavelength she saw what the mans face looked like. The Virus had changed it more to suit its needs. The skin around the jaw was changed to a more muscular makeup. The teeth remained the same but more muscle took the place of the skin it dissolved. Aurellia scrambled to the back of her cell as it approached her and seemed to sniff the air. Its mouth opened causing a black liquid to pour out onto the ground. Even the human hosts eyes had changed to a pale white with no Iris present. Its face got close to her but it still recognized her as a virus host due to her body still reacting to the changed happening inside of her. It then turned and began to walk away back into the middle of the hall. All the Cells in the facility were aligned by blood type with the only other AB blood type subject in the cell next to her

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  2. Xavier's eyes jolted open as pain seared through his body. What the heck is happening? He thought as he heard sirens blaring. The it started to come back to him he had won the lottery and had been one of the chosen 200, but then something went wrong he partially remembered dying. Although if he had died then how could he be alive? Sitting up he noticed he was covered in blood which disgusted him, he hated being dirty.

    In the cell next to him he heard movement. Deciding to check it out he stepped onto the floor, it felt different than usual he felt lighter but also stronger. As he walked I to the hallway he felt a slight breeze blow through the hallway. The hallway had many broken cells and blood covered the floor. He realized then he was stepping in it and with the wind blowing he began to float in the air the breeze carrying him away from the cell next door.

    What is going on? He thought to himself kind of scared what was happening to him. The last thought had felt strange to almost as if he had been trying to talk to someone. That was I possible though no one can speak to someone through their thoughts.

    ( bold is his private thoughts. Italicized is his telepathy.)
  3. Aurellia slowly walked from her Cell as she heard a voice echo into her mind. She shook her head as the Viral infront of her turned towards her once more. Instead of a slow walk it began at her in a quickened pace. Its mouth open with a black liquid pouring forth. By this time their bodies have reacted fully to the assimilated Virus and the Viral infront of her recognized her to be different than it. It began a quicker pace and soon was getting close to her. Aurellia screamed as it let out a shriek. Without second guessing herself she threw a punch at it causing a bone crunching noise to echo through the Cell area of the facility.

    The Viral went backwards two feet before falling onto its back. It groaned and gagged as it slowly climbed back up to its feet. Its right side was caved in showing bones splintered out and a blackened blood oozing out. Without showing any signs of regeneration it came at her again only to be struck in the chest causing her fist to peirce its Sternum. Bone fragments peirced throughout its chest cavity but also into her hand cuasing her to yell out again. The Viral fell to its knees and tried to sink its teeth into her leg.

    Before it had its chance she reacted and brought her knee back before delivering a massive knee to forehead hit. The head of the Viral caved in with a sickening crunch before its frontal neck tore open from the trauma inflicted. She jumped back as it collapsed infront of her only to give off a sicken stench as it seemed to begin decomposing, Aurellia took a second to gather herself as she realized she just killed somthing that she had never seen before. It looked human but was far from what it was. It was only then that she realized it was one of her fellow test subjects and she felt like crying out. Seconds later the lights flickered to life and the room lit up revealing the extent of what had happened. The ceiling itself was coated with blood but a steady current of recycled air continued to flow in.
  4. Xavier saw the fight happen and watched with wide eyes. The girl was so strong for well a girl. He was shocked that she killed it though, that was another human and she had just killed it woot thinking twice. Suddenly he stopped floating and feel to the ground face first covering himself in blood in the process.

    Standing up he looked at the girl in horror, what if she tries to kill me now? He thought to himself slowly backing away from the girl. He needed to get out of this place it was starting to really scare him with all the blood and weird zombie humans. He should have never signed up for the drug, this had all been a mistake and he just wanted to go home and get away from all of this. So Turing around he started to run but continued to slip on the blood on the floor.

    Eventually he started to cry before he told himself to suck it up that men don't cry. He couldn't help it though he had always been a bit of a wuss and this was just too much for him, he just wanted to go home. In his hands and knees he continued to cry softly, momentarily forgetting the girl was behind him.
  5. Aurellia saw the other indiviudal fall from above her and immediately turned and was about to run into her Cell. Instead she jumped back and shook her head as she continued to think about what she just did. Her mind screamed but she had to defend herself... Right? Its Lega right? Was all she could think before putting her hands on her head. She shook them making her head shake before seeing the other teen begin to run. She thought about following him but he didn't seem to want to hurt her. It was then that he sliped suddenly as a Viral came around the corner at the end of the hallway.

    Unlike the last one it seemed to continue around the corner as a still quick speed heading straight for the other teen. Aurellia began to jog towars him but the distance between them was farther than the Viral was. The Viral would reach him before she would and she only hoped he could help himself. In the lit up room it was evident that the individual infront of them was different than they were. The White lab coat and the changed hands were shown Unlike the last Viral that has a muscular skinless jaw this Viral had longer fingers and finger nails setting it apart from the last.
  6. Xavier looked up in time to see a creature run in toward him. Terrified he jumped to his feet, but the creature was almost upon him. Xavier panicked knowing he was going to be attacked threw out his hands to try and push the monster away. A strange thing then happened and the monster flew back hitting a wall.

    What just happened? First I can levitate not I have telekinesis? This is just so weird he thought to himself. Looking over at the creature it wasn't moving and this worried Xavier. Did I kill it? He though sadly, but as soon as he finished the thought he saw the creature move slightly and knew it was still alive and still dangerous.

    (I'm sorry I know I'm an awful partner)
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